Hafiz Elbashir

Freelance Arabic Translator & Legal Translator

Location:United States
2 Skills
NAME: Hafiz Abdelmalik Al Basheer
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 October, 1957
MARITAL STATUS: Married,(Three Grown Children)
Lawyer,Press Officer,PRO, Aministrative
Manger&Legal Translator,
PRESENT POSITION: Lecturer of Political Science at the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights at Ahfad University for Women
Language Speaking Working/Written
Arabic (Mother Tongue) Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent
French Fair Fair


1975 B.Sc in Law
Cairo University,Egypt

1979 French Language Certificate
Tour University, France

1982 Master Degree on Diplomacy &World
Affairs. Monterey Institue of Foreign

1991 Computer Certificate (Word Processing
& WS200)
Ibn khaldoun Computer Center,U.A.E

1997 Certificate on Press Translation.
Sudan News Agency,(SUNA)sudan.

1997 Certificate on Legal Translation.
Sudan Academy for Communication

1997 Certificate on Journalism Translation .
British Educational Institutes-Khartoum.

1997 Computer Certificate in Windows , in
Word & Excel Programs.

1997 French Language Certificate.
Centre Cultural Francais de khartoum.

2004 Diploma on French Conversation .
Institute of Technical Studies-
2004 Certificate on Peace Culture& Human Rights Studies.Peace Culture Center- Khartoum-Sudan.

2008 Certificate on Democratic Federalism,
Forum of Federations,Canada
Key Experience:
2008 To Date :LECTURER at the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Human Rights Studies at Ahfad University fo Women. I am lecturing on the following courses to Freshwomen students:
• Principles of Democracy and Human Rights
• Conflict Resolution and Peace Building
• Voters Rights and Education and Election
• Gender Mainstreaming
• Peace Culture
2004 To 2006 : Personal Advisor to H.H.Sheikh Abdullah Bin Rashid
AlMualla Deputy Ruler of Umm AlQuwain in the
field of Administration, Protocol,Legal,Translation,
Executive and media affairs.The duties of which are
as the following :
-Drafting,decrees,By Laws,resolutions and internal
regulations to be promuglated by the Deputy Ruler
-Organizing all calls to be made onH.Highness by VIP
Guests, diplomats or other.
-Compiling,analyzing, commenting press news dealing
with the Emirate of Umm AlQuwain.
-Reviewing all project contracts to be implemented by
Potential investors.
-Drafting contracts to be concluded with potential
• Working as a Reporter & Legal Advisor for UAQ
Invesment Promotion Office. The office of which
tasked with evaluating and deciding on contracts and
the suitability and utility of all prospect projects to be
implemented by Potential Investors in UAQ.
1998 till 2003: Intellectual Properety Lawyer&Translator in United
Trade Mark &Patent Services ,sharjah-U.A.E .
* Responsible for handiling appeals agianst conditions imposed by
examiner of trade mark office in the U.A.E
*In Charge of handiling all /cancellation and opposition cases against
confusing similar marks in U.A.E and Bahrain.
*Translation of legal documents such as specifications of goods,
deed of assignment,extracts from commercial registers,
registration certificate,legal memo etc.
*Responsible for attending hearings at the trade mark office and
*Handiling of trade mark/ patent law Queries in light of TRIPS
Agreement,Paris Convention, P.C.T. Treaties, WIPOand local
*Conducting investigation campaigns in the U.A.E markets in
respect of intellectual property infirngement cases(counterfeited
goods) with the aim of prodecting client's rights on their
trademarks.And participating in carrying out raids against
infringing parties throughtout theU.A.E markets with the
collaboration of the competent authorities.
Sezai Turkish Feyzi Akkaya Const o,Tripoli,Libya
Oct.1992-Nov.1995 Libya-Tripoli Translator &Legal Assistant
-Translation of contract annexes,such as technical specifications and
administrative and financial annexes.
-Translation of tender documents received by the company related to
offers submitted by the company to the local authorities.
-Compiling and translation of laws,bye-lawys,decisions, regulations and
other legislation's issued by various authorities.
-Drafting contracts for company different departments
(personnel,customs,administrative,and finanical) as and when requested.
-Assisting in secretarial works and typing,using type writers and work
-Handling different litigations lodged by or against the company.
Saba&Co Cyprus,Nicosia,Translator and IP Lawyer (March 1992- October 1992)(Temporary job)
-Translation of trademark and patent laws of different countries.
-Handling and drafting replies and inquiries related to intellectual
property and trademark.
-Copyright infringement cases.
Administration Manager,Translator and PRO: AlNahiya Group Const Co UAE
-Handling Press Releases, editting news letters & following company's
activities at the local press.
-Handling of personnel administration matters,including government
-Interpretation at government departments in the company of company
representatives as well as interpretation between company managers and
local staff.
-Drafting and translating of all outgoing and incoming correspondences exchanged bettween the company and local authourities.
Political officer & Media Executive:Sudan Council of Ministers.Duties(PrimeMinister Office)
-Preparing reports that review the activities of the local ,Arabic and
foreign mass media. In addition to analyzing and presenting of its
connotations and implications.
-Organizing activities of the Prime Minister tat having o do with the
press, namely, conferences, speeches or declarations.
- Follow up of political events and developments locally and externally
and checking directions of public opinion.
-Follow up Sudan events and news publishd in foreign press.
-Supervising and drafting private,confidential and urgent
correspondences and reports addressed to the Prime Minister.
-Translation of legal, financial,commercial and technical documents.
-Organizing P.M's Press Conferences and press releases locally and
- Monitoring and analyzing news items in the daily newspaers(Arabic and English) respecting the PM activities inside and outside Sudan.
Books: ?????
??? ?????? ????? ???Edited Books:
1. ????????? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ????????
Federalism in Sudan
2. ?????? ????????? ?????? ?????????
Sudanese Women Profile
3. ?????? ????????? ??? ????? ???????????? ????????? ? ???? ???????
Sudanese State between Sustained Democracy OR Withering Away
4. ????????? ????????? ??? ?????? ???????? ( ??? ?????? ?? ??????? ???? ??????? ??? 1983 ????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ?????? ?????)

Present ADDRESS:
3421 W Rochelle Rd, APT: 1054
Irving TX 75062-6884, Dallas, USA
Mobile: 3189900771
E-mail: hafizalbasheerpeace@yahoo.com