Freelance Animator & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:West Hempstead, New York, United States
2 Skills
Animation Director, Animator. I have studied with some of the most talented animators in the business studying life drawing- anatomy. This is my ninth year animating and helping others to have their work animated in a cost effective productive manner, either by animating it myself or by directing what needs to be done for the next animator to achieve a production pipeline that will reduce his/her time reducing your cost. Every thing from story boards to complete rewrites of works. Most of my consultation is done for free. :) If the project has merit I will guide you through the steps of getting it done, I will work on the promise of pay if you are serious and ambitious.
so don't be shy let me know if I can help you, I won't waste your time because its my time as well and we both have better things to do.
my animation skill is advanced and I strive to achieve perfection. so I am rating myself a 4 in skills. Even though my skills are expert in comparison then most people that rate themselves higher.