Clayton Seager

Freelance Movie Producer & Video Producer

Location:Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
I am the Executive Producer for SEASIK Productions, and produce all SEASIK Films. I am an innovator, and take the biggest risks, for the greatest rewards. "Age is not an issue when maturity out-stands perception".

"Clayton Seager is a producer and executive producer known for 2101 (2014), Wise Guys (2014), Interview with a Serial Killer (2014), and The Mission (2012). Clayton started his film career working alongside his best friend Kyle Misak. Together, Kyle and Clayton were Director/Producer respectively. Experimenting with film in 2010, Clayton produced his first short film, The Mission (2012). After winning various teen film festival awards around the country (USA), Clayton and Kyle started there own production company, SEASIK Productions. After a successful turnout on their short film The Mission (2012), Clayton, working with his best friend Kyle as the director, produced his first feature length film, 2101 (2014) with a remarkable budget for his age. Clayton will always strive to become a respected producer in the film industry, and always seems to understand all aspects with any project that he commits to. " -IMDb