Brian Kingsley

Freelance Business Card Designer & Journalistic Photographer

Location:Mexico, Missouri, United States
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To the editor:

What you have now received is my first stab at a job that I love to do. O am At the age of twenty three—which I guess you have heard before—I am graduating college, and I am ready to work as a freelance journalist.

I am an existential poet, an enthusiastic journalist, a writer of nonfiction and creative nonfiction. If you type, Kevin Gilman Joplin Globe into Google, you may see a couple of my published articles that I did a while back, before I lost the internship to the back roads of Arkansas law enforcement following an intense music festival in the Ozark Mountains, Wakarusa. We rocked all day and raved by night. While admit that I have made some mistakes in the past, what I can say for myself is that I write well, read well, and continuously learn well.

For you, I want to write informative articles on America’s sub-culture. I’ll give you an example of a strength of mine, that I call journalistic instinct:

It was spring break, 2013, and we made it down to Miami for Ultra Music Festival. I had not anticipated how corporate it would be. College girls in bright clothing would rub up against us and the local residents robbed festival-goers of their wallets, phones, and money, and selling fake molly tablets. Rule for festival-goers: Keep your pull string backpack a pull string frontpack. Professional cameras were contraband without press passes. Those lucky yuppie U students all had their nice cameras, never taking pictures when they should have. Some poor girl without a press pass was getting her camera taken away by Miami P.D.

There is more to tell, but that is just a short excerpt of my writing. Wakarusa was more exciting but I haven’t worked up the courage yet to tell the story. I can get a list of references if needed from editors and readers of my work who have Doctorates and Masters degrees. Strength: I am extremely creative. Part of my poetry collection and prose will be soon published in my school magazine, Janus, for Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. The old liberal arts school where Winston Churchill delivered his Iron Curtain Speech, my alma mater. I have also published an article in The Columns, the school paper. A dying party school where I became a Sigma Chi and learned a few things about people and life.

I go by the pen name, Brian Kingsley.