Fallon Franzen

Freelance Painter & Graphic Designer

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Website: http://www.fallonfranzen.com
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Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in August of 1985, Fallon always had a profound interest in art from the moment she first picked up a pencil. In the beginning, she merely drew for pleasure. In middle school she began to experiment with various mediums such as tempura paint and candle wax. Realizing the need to interpret the world through her art prompted her to keep a sketchbook with her at all times, a custom she still carries today.
A self-taught habitue of drawing and painting, she is currently working on obtaining a bachelors degree in Fine Arts – Studio Art with emphasis on painting and possibly continuing her education to be an art director.
Professionally, she prefers to work from scratch but is able to work from reference of a photograph or any other concept that is imparted upon her.
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Graphic Design