Elizabeth Ammons

Freelance Book Writer & Biography Writer

Location:Conway, Arkansas, United States
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I worked for a non-profit organization called Daisys (spelled correctly) for eight years. During that time I wore several hats, including but not exclusive to, author of all the literature for our brochures and newsletters. I also wrote speeches for our public speaking engagements, grants and proposals for our fundraising and any and all correspondence with clients, agencies and government groups. I am most proud of the autobiography I wrote about my life as a survivor of child abuse and the workbook I wrote to help survivors coping with the legacy of abuse. In both books, I did all the editing and proofreading. Daisys Will Grow Anywhere is 521 pages and my workbook is 153 pages. Excerpts from both the book and the workbook can be viewed on the website www.abusesurvivors.weebly.com. My passion is to help others heal because I know from personal experience, it's a difficult and painful process. I would love to write for other groups that share my interest in giving new meaning to the lives of damaged human beings. I would also consider writing another biography, if someone out there has a story they want to tell.
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Book Writing
Biography Writing