Sian Evans

Freelance Photographer & Nature Photographer

Location:Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, United States
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I am both a photographer and model. I believe that there is art in everything. I know that sounds pretentious but I am not saying it to be some weird artsy kid, I am saying it to explain how I feel. I love art, and I believe that the most beautiful artist is the earth.

Before I lose you, let me talk a bit more about myself. My strengths are that I am very kind, and love to be helpful. My weaknesses are a memory problem that I have, and a distaste for working with other peoples standards. It's not to say that I won't do that, I will, but if you give me the freedom to explore my bounds, I will, and I believe that you will be impressed.

As a photographer, I think that a scene or a person does not need to be beautiful in order for it to be photogenic. I also do not see anyone/anything as 'ugly'. There are good qualities in everyone and everything, and I would love to capture those.

As a model... I love it. Modeling is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Unfortunately, I do not meet most height requirements, and that is okay with me. I will do modeling for those who accept my height and my physique.It's helpful to know both angles when you are a model, and a photographer. You can see from both perspectives what is being done, and why it is going to, or not going to look good. The main point is that I adore modeling, it is something I would do purely for fun with friends, or as a job.

This has been a somewhat brief description of myself. Enjoy!
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