Coy Martin Johnson-Jenkins:Pepper"

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Location:Houston, Texas, United States
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Coy Martin Johnson Jenkins "Pepper"
beleive that riting is my gift from God. I strive for excellence and work until the project meets expectation. I write both fiction and non-fiction and have won awards in both genre.
I am not the most beautiful or young est but you will not find anyone more committed or dedicated.
I will be receiving my Master's in Professional Writing from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Decenber or May, as soon as I can recreate my novel which was my thesis { my harddrive malfunctioned and have not had the motivation to start over, but I will have it finished by May or December.
I received 2 AAS degrees in English, Speeh, and minors in Speech, and Professional Training, and a dual bachelors. Sometimes srtudents have to be shown how to succeed,,

Thank you for this opportunity
Ms. Coy Martin Johnson Jenkins

P.S. I am a good instructor; out of 102 students ranging from 3rd grade level to age 69- 86 earned their GED, 12 were re incarcerated, and 2 dropped out. I am loving, kind, patient, compassionate, and empathetic. I consider the 69 year old GED recipient one of my greatest achievements. I want to make a difference in the lives of those who want and need help. Education will eliminate or lower the crime rate, decrease poverty, and restore lost self- esteem.

I am also a Christian, which is merely an intention of the day, it's not Methodist, Baptist, Muslim, or Jewish; it's belief in a higher power. Sometimes we need a little help.

I taught middle and secondary school, and have not found a student that can't learn. Admittedly, I use some unorthodox methods, but they work,

I am a "people person", I communicate well and succeed at fund raising.

professional writing, Englishn and a degree in purchasing and manufacturing
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