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Location:Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
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Asad Ali Khan s/o Mohammad Younas
Mohallah Neiky Kheil PO Yaqubi Tehsil Lahor Distt Swabi
0344-9214335 & 0938-460273

I am a committed development practitioner with more than 8 years experience in participatory development equipped both with managerial and analytical skills, having the ability to mingle with the people of different background, caliber and can work under pressure as a responsible team leader.


2006 batchler degree in from university of peshawar


Language Pashto, Urdu, English

Employer National Rural Support Program


Distrect Professional – HRD/ ID (Institution Development LSO)

Period September 2003______14th July2005

1 Identifying and developing training needs assessment (TNA) profile for target area/group
2 Identification of training needs of NRSP staff.
3 Reporting to NRSP Regional Office about all training activities and related information.
4 Developing module for staff and community trainings.

5 Planning and budgeting of community and staff trainings.
6 Identification and arrangement of resource person for various trainings events.
7 Designing and conducting of community and leadership management skill trainings
8 Coordination with the field teams to arrange NRM related trainings.
9 Human resource management for conducting case -studies and impact studies.
10 Providing social guidance to community in activist’s workshop and managers conferences.
11 Assisting in compilation and developing training materials..
12 Assisting in preparation of regional sect oral plan for HRD.
13 Preparation of training budget and hiring resource person for training.
14 Facilitating training for village specialist.
15 Conducting impact assessment and utilization of training studies.
16 Monitoring of all HRD activities.
17 Linkages with lined agencies and NGOs which are involved in developmental activities.
18 Imparting trainings and vision to staff and community activists for institution development in the form of VDO and LSO at union council level.

Job description

Social Mobilizer (SM) – Field Unit In-charge Nawan Killi SWABI

Period 15th july 2005 to 15th sept 2007

Heading Field Unit Nawan Killi as Field Unit Incharge And Social Mobilizer(SO)of National Rural Support Program (NRSP), Pakistan’s largest civil society Organization at Distrect office Swabi,
Contributed in Designing and implementing a decentralized Credit Management System that facilitates new genuine borrowers to get benefit from credit funds & expand a risk free credit portfolio with zero tolerance level.

The system designed has a capacity to address the needs of 3000-3500 new loans every month (RS. 90.2 million per month).
The current portfolio stands at 240(M) with 55000 borrowers and a cumulative recovery rate of 100%.

The success of the credit system developed is evitable from the fact that it has been so far replicated in five program districts of NRSP. In addition, Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) & Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP) are adopting this system.
Being a Unit Incharge I have managed the affairs of 18 village branched (UC level outreach offices) with staff strength of 12 credit professionals including Senior Credit Officers, credit officers and 29 loan officers.

Job Description as (Social Mobilizer& F/U Incharge)

Proper management of human resources (Capacity building, providing Resources and doing strict accountability) to run the Project activities to meet the target with a better understanding, through the process of Social mobilization.
Implementing and monitoring activities of various projects that are operational in District Swabi

1. Azan Literacy Moment (Functional Literacy)
2. ILO –TREE Project ( Training for Rural economic employment)
3. GFATM (Global Fund to fight against Aids, Malaria, TB )
4. PPAF ( Pakistan poverty Alleviation Fund)

1 Established a structure for social mobilization and credit operation according to NRSP policy
2 Ensuring quality and give feed back to management regarding the system for refinement.
3 Conducting monitoring visits of all village branches and community organizations in the area of operation

4 Planning for optimum utilization of Financial resources and Human resources to minimize the expenditure and expand the credit business for self sustainability
5 Managing human resources of the district ie hiring, training and career growth of Tehsil staff
6 Supervise/monitor and build capacities of women staff.
7 Maintain gender equity at 40-60 percent ratios
8 Monitoring credit disbursement mechanisms and develop internal controls
9 Keep close liaison with community activist through participation in the activist workshop and Managers conferences.
10 Act as a bridge for passing on information from the Tehsil Office /HUB to the concerned Credit officers and Field workers and vise versa.
11 Coordination and team building for smooth COs formation and credit operations in the District.
12 Monitor and guide the staff towards a better understanding of NRSP
13 Strategically plan programs and activities with field’s staff
14 Monitoring staff activities through checking diaries of staff and initiate case studies for analyses
15 Strengthen of Social Mobilization for the evolution of mature COs to form Apex Organization like Village Support Organization for Socio-economic development activities in an organic Progmatic Sociological Approach.
16 Linkages of the COs with lined agencies , focusing on CCB,

Human Resource Development (HRD) Activities

Period September 2007---December 2007

Job Description

19 Identifying and developing training needs assessment (TNA) profile for target area/group
20 Identification of training needs of NRSP staff.
21 Reporting NRSP Head Office all training activities and related information.
22 Assisting in compilation and development of training materials..
23 Assisting in preparation of regional sectoral plan for HRD.
24 Preparation of training budget and hiring resource person for training.
25 Facilitating training for village specialist.
26 Conducting impact assessment and utilization of training studies.
27 Monitoring of all HRD activities.
28 Linkages with agencies and NGOs which are involved in developmental activities.
29 Having close liaisons with Head Office /Regional Office and Field units.

Social Organizer Field Unit incharge Nawan Killi
Period December 2007 To 15th sept 2010

Job description

1 Mobilize the Communities to organize them selves in the form of WUA and to contribute 20% share towards water course renovation.
2 Introducing them the concept of capital formation among the community through individual savings.
3 Create awareness among the farmers for better utilization of water for irrigation and resolution of problems originating from misuse of water.
4 Undertake detail resource and constraints analysis of each water User Association and community based Organization.

5 Facilitate the process of identifying and prioritizing the needs of community by using activists in the basics of Social Organization, community management skills, participatory rural appraisals tools and techniques.

6 Build capacity of intern SOs and community.
7 Develop village profile of community based organization (CBOS) and water user associations (WUAs).
8 Maintain proper documentation of WUAs and CBOs at community level as well as Field unit level.
9 Introduce the idea of collective management of WUAs/CBOs (with out compromising on individual property and ownership)
10 Develop poverty ranking profile of WUAs/ CBOs through PRA techniques
11 Identifying proper credit needs though social and technical appraisal.
12 Provide credit facility to the individuals through the form of WUAs/ CBOs.
13 Ensure propr utilization of credit though community and Activists.
14 Mobilizing the community to build social pressure for credit recovery.

15 Mobilizing and motivating the WUAs /CBOs to get them selves organized in the form of APEX /CLUSTER organization

Tehsil Team Leader(TTL) in BISP Poverty Targeting Servey at Tehsil Office Swabi District swabi
Period 15th September 2010 to 31st January 2011

1 Lead and Traine all the 6 teams for tehsil office swabi including SuperVisers, MonitoringOfficers, Editors, Forward Campaigners and Data Collectors
2 Arranged Work Shops , Seminaars, And Meetings with all the Influancial personalities of tehsil swabi on Union Councel Level.
3 Prepared Daily Progress Report And Various Logs at the end of each day According to the authority,s will.

Trainings Availed:

1 Orientation Training Workshop (OTW) HRD NRSP Islamabad Sept. 2003.
2 Basic Computer Course HRD NRSP Mardan Dec.2003.
3 Training Of Trainer (ToT) for CMST HRD NRSP Islamabad 2006.
4 Basic for Accounting Management Training for Farmer Support Unit (FSU) 2007.
5 Report Writing Training NRSP HRD Mardan 2007.

6 Computer Course HRD Mardan (21st January to 30th January 2007.)
7 Advance Computer Training NRSP HRD Mardan (8th July to 21st July 2007.
8 “Train the Trainers” (T TT) IRM NRSP Islamabad October 16th to 25th of October 2008.
9 “Loan Portfolio Management Training” Micro Finance Training Institute Islamabad 2008.
10 Credit Manager Conference NRSP IRM Islamabad 2008.
11 Workshop on “Credit Appraisal Techniques” (CART) NRSP IRM 2008.
12 “Project implementation Methodology Workshop” (TREE) project. NRSP IRM Islamabad 2009.
13 “TOT for Operational Risk Management “IRM NRSP Islamabad (Sep17th to 21st 2009).
14 “Transformation in the work place” IRM NRSP Islamabad” (19th March to 26th 2009)
15 Islamic Micro Finance ( Murabaha)
1 Credit Appraisal Training ( CAT) for Credit Officers
2 Designed and delivered Social Appraisal techniques Training (SAT) for Credit Officer & Field Workers/Loan Officers
3 Designed and delivered Internal Lending training to activist of communities
4 Enterprise Development Planning for Community Organizations
5 Credit Record keeping Training for Community Organizations
6 Workshops for community activists to train them in Capital Formation, Credit Policies, Comparison of various lending agencies
7 Community Management Skills Training
8 Organized and delivered “Social organization Training” (SOT) for social organizers, Credit officers and Field Assistants.
9 Organized and delivered “Social mobilization and organization Training” (SMOT) for VSO/LSO activists.
10 Organized and delivered “Credit appraisal and recovery techniques Trainings” (CART) for Fields Assistants.

Exposure visits for experience sharing and learning

1 AKRSP Agha Khan Rural Support Programme Skardu
2 OPP Orange Pilot Project Karachi
3 UPAP Urban Poverty Alleviation Project NRSP Pindi
4 GBTI Ghazi Barotha Taraqiati Idara
5 SRSP Sarhad Rural Support Program Lachi (UNDP)
6 BVDP Barani Village Development Project Attock
7 IMII International Management Institute for Irrigation Lahore
8 Akhuwat Interest free financing Institution Lahore


1. Agha Ali Javad
General Manager (NRSP)
Head Office

2. Muhammad Sharif Khan
Regional General Manager (NRSP)
Regional office Mardan

3. Syed Mutahir Shah
Chief Executive Officer (GBTI)