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Kenny Holm

Freelance Comic Artist & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Phone: 3217940943
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Check out my stuff! Anyone who wants to make comic strips with me?
I need to hook up with someone who are good at writing single panel comic strips for daily publications.
I can draw, but I need a gag-maker to work with so the strips can be as good as Gary Larsson's "The Far Side".
I have capacity and work hard to reach our goals.
We both need to work hard to sell the strip as well, and if you have a network, it's great!
I've quit my day job, so I'm ready whenever you are.
We can try out a few strips first to see how it works out.
I'm 38 from Norway/Europe, but I live just outside Orlando, Florida.
I've been published in Norway many times, mostly together with x-words and quizzes with the company WillaBula. There's some samples in my portfolio.

I would also love to do freelance jobs like book illustrations or anything where I can do my speciality; funny, cartoonish drawings. Still very professional and detailed.
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Comic Art
Graphic Novel Art