Michelle Famularcano

Freelance Poem Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Vallejo, California, United States
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I am the sign of the 'fish!' With that said, I love to write poetry and express feelings in writing. I have been writing poetry ever since I was in grade school and through the years I continue to write poems that come into mind. I could be simply sitting in a park and garden and take out a piece of paper from my bag and write away. I feel writing is a way to escape into a different world and invite others to appreciate my work. I am very passionate when I write and some of my greatest poems have taken me a few days to complete to where I think it is perfect. Besides writing I am also the type of person to help others, whether where in the past I help people select their kind of coffee drinks or whether its providing a few suggestions for someone's fashion sense. I am a sentimental person at the same time I like to venture to the current trends....for an example I like vintage outfits such as lace but I believe that it can be fashionable in today's time. I am pretty much easy going and easy to get along with. I do enjoy having mocha's at local mom and pop shops, eating good food and taking strolls in nice places.
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