Enrique Cruz

Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Mural Painter

Location:Hollywood, Florida, United States
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Enrique “SERO” Cruz

Like the 14th and 15th century masters before him many compare Enrique “SERO” Cruz as one of the most potent artist in modern days. Like the great masters in early history he was born with a natural talent and has dedicated his life into channeling and mastering his craft. “SERO” is recognized today as one of the most influential artist of its time.

With his natural ability to channel his talent “SERO” defines the term “Jack of all trades”. SERO work consists of secret inscriptive language, stories, puzzles and images that in tales a broader look into the artist imagination to all his pieces. SERO documents all of his work for future generations to see the indebt details of his imagination and to indicate the true meaning and codes location for authenticity for collectors, investors and museums for proper interpretation by the artist.

While mastering all of histories art forms and techniques; a family member introduced “SERO” to the graffiti art in 1978. “SERO” recalls that day as: (The birth of his graffiti destiny). Over 30yrs later he continues influence the movement by pushing the envelope with the countless styles and techniques he has created like the great masters before him. Today “SERO” has been dubbed as one of “THE LAST KINGS” who has come out of the golden era of NY graffiti movement in the 80’s and continues to transcend the test of time. He is currently affiliated with crews such as (FBA-FC-IBM and SCW).

With the many talents SERO was born with, he has manage to capture the attention of the mainstream population and has done work or has worked with: Recording Artist/Actor (Mark Anthony), Tupac Shakur, Wiclef Sean, Actor (Omar Epps), Actor (Ernie Hudson), Actor/Comedian (Gilbert Godfrey), Comedian Andrew “DICE” clay, Andre McCardle (Annie- Broadway Show) and Legendary quarterback Laurence Taylor (N.Y. GIANTS) to name a few. SERO has also been in countless T.V. programs in the U.S. such as HBO and X-TRA, NBC, ABC, PBS, MTV, USA Network, TELEMUNDO and UNIVISON. His work has also been published in the New York Times and countless count less magazines and articles in the US and abroad, along with his most recent work that was published was in the book “MIAMI GRAFFITI” by James and Karla Murray and the History of Graffiti. His most recent work was with the “NBA”/National Basketball Association in which he painted live in the American Airlines Arena during a basketball game in the 2010 Miami Art Basil as well as “SAP” one of the worlds marketing and technology leader.

Because of is broad talents and ability to fuse them together, SERO is able to create masterpieces yet not seen, he is considered a dream for collector’s/investors and is already being recognized as tomorrow’s historical legends.
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T-Shirt Design
Mural Painting