Christopher Mendez

Freelance Drawer & Illustrator

Location:Newport, Rhode Island, United States
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Christopher Mendez
Artist/ Illustrator
Newport, RI

Christopher has been described as a humble, yet talented individual. He illuminates the art world, with his techniques and talent, inspired by his experiences in life.
Chris received his Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts, from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio TX, in 1995. In '97, he joined the Coast Guard and is gainfully employed as a mechanic. His service has carried him across the country, from East to West and to the Caribbean and Hawaii. He has taught children studio art and darkroom techniques at Camp Lenox MA, worked as a caricature artist for Sea World of Texas, airbrushed countless T-shirts in a local Texas flea market, created a mural in Soldotna, AK, and created numerous graphics, sketches, paintings and portraits for clients encountered throughout his travels.
Currently, Christopher has delved into the world of Steam Punk, applying a mechanical veneer to an otherwise organic world. He utilizes his mechanical experiences to create hybrid animals in meticulous fashion. Each image is the result of a series of sketches and revisions, adding this, scrapping that. The presence of ventilation ducts and riveting permeate each image, and yet the essence of each creature can be readily seen. This is Chris' experiment: It is a morphing of the man-made and natural world to create imagery that is aesthetically pleasing, and to bring a new perspective on what would otherwise be just another portrait of flora and fauna.
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