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Veronica martins

Freelance Book Illustrator & Animal Illustrator

Location:Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
Phone: 2035403198
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Veronica martins,56 years old, plastic artist for over 30 years. Came to America, where she lives in Bridgeport .
Her specialty to drawing portrait .
Two years a go worked on two major projects: a painting of a beach in Cape Verde wooden fence - outdoo Restaurant Deli Red Rooster.
And painting a two big limestones statue( 2523 park av, - Margarete Shrine
Last year start the project of arts class for kids, witch seeks to minimize the use of video games, internets and tvs. The rescue of art aptitude of the child,this project the arts calls: WANT TO BE ARTIST.
Through it's design arts classes, the artist intends to open a workshop on the future of arts and the best students will be able to exhibit and sell their work, making professional.