Katherine Roberts

Freelance Portrait Artist & Outdoor Photographer

Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
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I’ve always had an interest in the Arts starting out as a young child in school musicals, then learning about music in general as I study voice, I gain more insight into my arts. I have always lived in the Deep Creek and Great Bridge area of Chesapeake, Virginia only to travel out of the area on a few occasions in my life. To me art is a form of escape, from being in one place. This is how I’m finding out who and what I am, knowing one’s self.

I was pulled into photography in my later years I would always look at the photos that my father would take not knowing that he also had a love for it. My father at one point in my life gave me a camera called a Brownie which I still have to this day. Each time I look at this Brownie this little brown box I see where I get my love for photography Now that my father has past on I see more through his eyes and the world around me.

I study photography at Tidewater Community College off and on still learning as I grow. I sold my first group of photos to Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake where I just walked around to get the feel of the place and started photographing, within a few weeks they were sold. I take an interest mainly in landscape this is were I find the heart of things, the spirit within the land. In school I had a wonderful teacher that thought me to see with my eyes to stop and look at things from the heart. With this I see things that people don’t take time to look at. I like to work with natural light in most of my photos using only my camera. My photography has taken me into portraits as well working in natural light as such I have gain an interest in Bride’s Portraits.

I'm also reaching out my field to include Freelance Travel Writing
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Portrait Art
Outdoor Photography