Jose Sepulveda

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & 3D Animator

Location:Tempe, Arizona, United States
2 Skills
? Ability to complete tasks in an efficient manner while using critiques to further improve upon delivered results.
? Constantly searching for improved ways to better craft and put new-found skills to use.
? Coordinates and evolves with teammates in order to deliver best possible outcome.
? Bilingual. Able to fluently speak both English and Spanish.

To work in a challenging workplace where I can help the company accomplish its goals and be part of a team of innovators in the 3D production area.

? 3ds Max
? Autocad
? Photoshop
? Zbrush
? Illustrator ? Maya
? Cryengine 3
? Hammer Editor
? Unity 3D
? Unreal Engine 3 ? Mudbox
? Microsoft Word
? Microsoft Excel
? Microsoft Powerpoint
? After Effects

? Collaborated with students from various programs to create visceral landscapes, 3D buildings, and other 3D environments.

Out of Darkness-Lead Artist
Student Project January 2013 to September 2013
? Worked with a team of six (four artists and two programmers) in order to complete an independent game titled Out of Darkness.
? Was chosen as lead artist because of prior work examples, communication skills, and ability to effectively multitask with several responsibilities.
? Modeled and textured several true to life interior and exterior models using a combination of 3ds Max, Autocad, and photoshop.
? Drafted floor plans by hand which then went on to be digitally drafted accurately in autocad, Modeled in 3ds max, textured in photoshop, and finally imported into the unity game engine.
? Was also responsible for the creation of landscapes and various props that clutter it in order to produce a realistic and true to life scene.

Bachelor of Arts, Game Art and Design, December 2013
The Art Institute of Phoenix
Skills (2) Rating
3D Graphic Design
3D Animation