Annelien van Basten

Freelance Article Writer & Editor

Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Currently I am doing some freelance work from home, trading as Elingua Editorial Services. I have been doing this for two years and have been very successful as I am well equipped to work fast and efficiently from anywhere in the country. I was an employee of Avusa Media before and was retrenched because Top Huis magazine had to close down due to financial reasons. I have a BA-degree in Language Practice, which I obtained from North-West University’s Vaal Triangle Campus in 2004. I majored in English, Language Practice and Afrikaans and also did some Psychology as an extra subject.
During my high school years I have been on the Editorial staff of our school newspaper, which gave young writers an opportunity to display their talent. Some of my poems and stories were also published in the paper. I have also done some freelance translation into English and Afrikaans for North West University. In addition to this I have also done an introductory course in Computers, which focused mainly on Word, Excel, Internet and Microsoft Power Point. Based on academic ability I was invited to become a member of the Golden Key International Honors Society in 2003.
Furthermore I also acted as a facilitator for the first year subject Leeslab 111 (in 2004) in which we focused on improving language skills.

I was appointed by Sake Beeld in July 2004 and my duties included proofreading, text editing, translation and the writing of articles. I have also done some interviews with interesting members in the business sector.

In March 2005 I was appointed as Features Editor to Maksiman magazine and in the end I managed the publication entirely on my own from the cover up until the last page. In September 2005 I was also appointed as Editorial Assistant to Finesse magazine. I have liaised with quite a few celebrities, photographers, advertisers and journalist in the past few months and therefore have good media and public relations. Seeing that Maksiman has been my main focus for a very long time, I had to be up to date with male issues such as sport, cars, fitness, etc at all times.
At the end of 2006 I was promoted to Production Coordinator of all the Carpe Diem titles, as well as Features Editor of our new brand extension Finesse Man.

In April 2007 I decided to broaden my horizons and joined Johncom Media Investment’s specialist and consumer magazine divisions as the only sub-editor and translator on the only three Afrikaans magazines in the company.

I have always been a dedicated worker who takes pride in my work. I am well organized and deadline driven and I never give up when things get tough. I am seeking for an opportunity to broaden my horizons and I believe that I would bring great creativity, enthusiasm and success to the position I am applying for. I see this as an opportunity to gain more experience in the industry, and as a chance to show what I am made of. I am really excited about making a difference in your company.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this letter and my enclosed curriculum vitae to convince you of my capability and determination.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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