Angela Williams

Freelance Admin Support Freelancer & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Moreno Valley, California, United States
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A highly competent, loyal, hardworking, self-motivated employee with exceptional interpersonal skills and a genuine compassion for assisting others to achieve success. Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with experience in building cohesive teams; conflict resolution; college campus touring; college event coordination; explaining and enforcing policies (college and otherwise), and a strong ability to counsel and maintain employee/student confidentiality.

Affiliate Marketer
CuraDebt/and Several Other Companies
January 2014 – Present (1 month)
Independent Sales Representative
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October 2013 – Present (4 months)
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Independent Sales Representative
Our Hearts Desire
September 2013 – Present (5 months)
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February 2013 – Present (1 year)
Children's Ministry Director/Classroom Instructor
Mount Olive Christian Church (MOCC) Children’s Ministry
September 2009 – Present (4 years 5 months)Riverside, CA
Develop curriculum to present on Sunday classes.
Classroom set-up.
Maintain a safe educational environment for the children.
Interact with parents regarding Sunday activities, and what each child has learned and will need to study for the following Sunday.
Communicate with parents of their child’s possible disruptive behavior.
Report concerns to the Pastor.
Coordinate various programs and other special events (Christmas programs, Cultural History programs, etc.).
Attend Leadership meetings.
HR Clerk Cr
Riverside County human resources
August 2007 – March 2013 (5 years 8 months)Riverside, Ca
Provide Employee Services counter support to Mental Health staff of all HR benefit information and standard application forms for personal coverage revision.
Make referrals to other agencies where appropriate for community resources as needed.
Audit employee performance records to maintain compliance of County Board of Supervisor (BOS) standard policies and MH internal departmental policies.
Ensure that all licensed staff maintains current licensure maintained in a database tracking log as per a condition of their hire.
Prepare employment transaction documents for a variety of position classifications and complete personnel actions in accordance with County of Riverside Salary Ordinance provisions.
Maintain Human Resources (HR) employee personnel records, volunteer files and other confidential personnel documents for the Mental Health (MH) department
Conduct thorough New Hire Orientation sessions. Inform employees of the County and departmental policies and procedures regarding personnel requirements: answer new employee questions and explain critical details and processes regarding employee’s employment and benefits: verify completion of various HR enrollment forms.
Prepare recruitment plans for filling position vacancies. Review resumes and determine applicant’s minimum qualification for employment. Maintain and update Live Scan records, review criminal record results, notify the hiring authority of the candidate’s status for hire.
Maintain licensure information. Send out employee performance evaluation reminders. Monitor department compliance with manual and electronic employee annual evaluations through Employee Performance Manager (EPM) evaluation system.
Administer and Review Department of Justice (DOJ) Criminal Results and notify management of outcome for employment availability.
Office Assistant Ii
Riverside County Human Resources Department
September 2007 – November 2007 (3 months)Riverside, CA
Assisted the public with community resources, referrals of information.
Provided standard forms and provided explanation of services and details on form completion.
Answered requests for factual information through various statistical resources and made available to customers.
Maintained records management system of confidential personnel information. Separated classified documentation by nature of the subject matter for mandatory storage time periods using the County’s RMAP storage system.
Maintained informational records such as logs: was responsible for three – five line telephone system. Assisted callers as needed, provided information and routed calls as was necessary.
Maintained schedule for Live Scan fingerprinting, new hire physicals, and new hire paperwork completion appointments.
Group Counselor
Kid's Turn
September 2005 – December 2005 (4 months)Fresno, CA
Group Counselor??
Interviewed children of divorce, and counseled them on the feelings they had regarding the separation of their parents.
Initiated reciprocal game-play exercises on how to demonstrate and deal with one’s feelings and how to express sadness, anger, or confusion without losing emotional control through simple calm and clear communication.
Promoted group-work concepts of enabling the children to develop their own program activities through encouragement and crisis intervention counseling.
Resident Advisor
Cal State University Fresno University Courtyard
January 2001 – December 2001 (1 year)Fresno, CA
Coordinated and conducted campus tours of the CSU Fresno University Courtyard for parents and/or potential students.
Completed tour sessions of multiple campus areas to provide beneficial information on campus life and the campus living quarters.
Trained new employees on functionality of the University Atrium’s front desk.
Provided individual and group guidance services relative to problems of scholastic educational and personal-social nature of dormitory and general student living.
Provided remedial or corrective actions and assisted students in transitioning to shared living and planning intelligent life goals and choices.
Responsibly directed programs to orient new students and assisted their integration into campus life.
Initiated and conducted group conferences that assisted students to plan and review details of housing programs policies related to assignment of quarters, social and recreational activities, and dormitory living.
Supervised dormitory activities and investigated reports of misconduct and attempted to resolve or eliminate causes of conflict.
Conducted in-crisis assessment and intervention counseling for dormitory students. 9/11/2001 was one of the largest crisis intervention counseling sessions conducted.
Classroom Instructor
Westside Schools (YDP- Youth Development Partnership)
September 1999 – August 2001 (2 years)Inglewood, CA
Prepared daily lesson outlines and semester long term plans in my assigned area for students with special needs. Designed lesson plans and developed various out-of-the-box teaching aids such as graphical expression tools, bibliographies and charts.
Presented topical subject matter to K – 8th grade students utilizing a variety of methods and techniques that included lecture, discussion and supervised role-playing
Prepared, administered and graded student examinations, assisted students individually and in groups with lesson assignments to present and reinforce learning concepts.
Documented student behaviors to determine program needs for best outcomes.
Reported to parents, school nurse and administration on student behaviors to ensure medication doses were closely monitored. Behaviors included energetic participation, withdrawn demeanor, disruptive outbursts, argumentative responses to classmates and positive and negative interactions with peers during group projects.
Periodically conferred with parents to review the academic and behavioral progress of their children.
Organized Student Behavioral Reports in an Excel spreadsheet and provided monthly printed report for certificated Special Education staff review.
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Admin Support
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