Michael Chandler

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Location:Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
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Hotel Housekeeping Consultant - English/Spanish

I own & produce the largest and only free Hotel Housekeeping site.
I've grown from inexperienced small town guy waiting on tables to a seasoned Director of Housekeeping for a full service hotel. Over the years I've worked in small hotels, 93-160 rooms, large hotels up to 407 rooms, Ski Resorts, and Beach Resorts so I've been around the block.
I've learned many things from interviewing, hiring, training, terminating and everything in between. The information in this area is to help you with difficult decisions, HR advice so you don't get yourself in trouble without knowing, and help when you don't have anywhere to turn. With over 10 years of managerial experience, I'll be honest most of those years I've done some things I shouldn't have because I was led in the wrong direction or didn't know what I was doing. Life tends to teach lessons whether we want it to or not, and so I've learned and still learning and growing, but I hope to help you from making the same mistakes I did. But this isn't just about me, I'm here for you so let me know what you need, so I can help you save more, spend less, and help you accomplish your goals faster.
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