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Jenna Johnson

Freelance Editor & Video Editor

Location:Winter Park, Florida, United States
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Jenna Johnson
Tel: (724)-986-9720

Peters Township High School, McMurray, Pennsylvania
September 2009 – June 2012

Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida
April 2013—February 2015

My goal is to gain more experience in the field of film production, in hopes of preparing myself for the work field. I plan to expand on the skills I have already learned, and apply new techniques to my own style. Working, and getting the opportunity to do hands-on work, would help to further my knowledge in this field.

3rd Place in 24-hour film challenge hosted by the Television and Teachers Consortium—2011
Completed up to Broadcasting III and Production V—2011
Edited commercial for Pizza Company—2012
Edited Mary Anderson Award Video—2012
Edited PG-13 Magazine Runway Reel—2012
Worked Pre-production on People Are Friends, Not Food?—2013
Worked as Sound Mixer on People Are Friends, Not Food?—2013

Live Production with Peters Township High School Community Television
Positions on the Live Production team:
• Director
o In charge of the production flow, and preparing for air-time. Create shot list for live production.
• Tech Director
o During production controls the output of the live production. (camera cuts, fade-ins/outs, graphics, etc.)
• Audio
o Running signal flow from the mixer to the live production, and properly setting up the microphones.

• Camera Operator
o Simple camera movements (truck, dolly, pan, zoom, push.pull)

• Tri-Caster (graphics)
o Creating graphics, and properly timing the commercials for air-time.
• Teleprompter
o Writing the script, and running the teleprompter at the proper speed for talent

College Production Experience at Full Sail University
Positions on school productions and projects
• Sound Mixer
• Worked with 744T mixer
• Properly run signal flow
• Properly mic talent
• Properly conduct sound report
• Edited multiple small projects for class

Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro
Proficient in Adobe After Effects
Proficient in Final Cut 7
Learning Final Cut X

Independent Equestrian Sports & Competing—2000, Present
Wpa-Pha Equestrian Team—2009, 2010
Film Editing & Shooting
Live Production
Rec Softball--2010
Peters Township Community Television—2009, 2010, 2011
Shadowing at WTAE—2011
Shadowing at KDKA Radio—2011
Intern for CAPture Production Studios—2012
Filmed events for Iron City Beer—2012
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Video Editing