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Abraham Peynado

Freelance Illustrator & Medical Illustrator

Location:Bronx, New York, United States
2 Skills
New York, NY


*** Creative & Versatile 2D/3D Designer and Illustrator Creating
Strong Visual Communication,Breathing Life into Images to
Strengthen the Brand and Ignite the Message ***

Vast set of designing software and traditional media infused into
a wide range of art styles, from stylistic to realistic. Creative
visions used to generate a wide array of designs/illustrations,
which bring diverse visual experiences. Strong background in
Medical Illustration, used to accurately portray representational
anatomy, full-body proportions and portraits. Experience
Illustrating from life including: human model studies, observing
live surgeries and dissecting cadavers. Possess an innate
curiosity and willingness to continuously learn, teach and share;
to impact team results. Capacity to maintain the big-picture
without losing focus on small details; flexible to proactively
manage and prioritize responsibilities, to meet deadlines and
goals. Exhibit a solid work ethic backed with a creative-edge
to bring visions and ideas to life, and provide solutions to
design goals. Portfolio website:


> Autodesk: Maya > 2D Illustration & Animation
> Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, > 3D Modeling & Texturing
Flash, After Effects, > 3D Animation & Basic Rigging
Dreamweaver, Fireworks > 3D Rendering & Lighting
> Traditional: Pencil, Colored > Web Interface & Layout Design
Pencil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil
> Programming: Flash & Notepad (HTML)
> Web Interface & Layout Design
Graphic Design

> Project Management > Bilingual English/Spanish
> Decision Making > Customer Service
> Design Intuition > Problem Solving
> Research & Analyze > Team Collaboration
> Time Management > Brainstorming


Parsemus Foundation: Vasalgel Team November 2013 - Present - works to advance
innovative and neglected medical research, with a Focus on
supporting small proof-of-concept studies, many of which
involve low-cost approaches that are not under patent.

Highlighted Responsibilities
> Illustrating - Create vector-based images for various
sticker-dimension layouts.
> Graphic Designing - Conceptualize layout designs suitable for
inspiring curiosity and drawing attention to important details
> Brain Storming - Cultivating ideas that effectively portray
the goal message, through both imagery and wording.
> Retouching - Taking a previous design and manipulating it, to
better suit the company goal.


Napoleon Group - New York, NY March - May 2012 - a full-service pre-visualization and
post-production company with a legacy of unrivaled authority
and an eye on the future, with more than 25 years’ experience
in the industry and home to a team of artists and illustrators
around the globe.

Highlighted Responsibilities & Skills Used
> Team Support - Supported large projects by supplementing the
modeling, and texturing of needed project accessories.
> Company Relations - Worked on projects for companies such as
Dawn and Vidal Sassoon. Maintaining company image by creating
quality products under strict deadlines for clients.
> Modeling - 3D Quad-based polygonal models of interior spaces,
clothes, and multiple household appliances (includes modeling
a set for a Dawn commercial). Manipulated polygonal face models
to create different characters, for Vidal Sassoon.
> Texturing - 3D Texturing for clothing, objects, and character
models. Imported UV textures to Photoshop for fine detail, and
transferred them back to Autodesk Maya. Also used the
companies’ built-in procedural shading texture.
> Rendering - Made test renders for project assets, using Mental
Ray and Maya Software.
> Pipeline - Learned to utilize the Project Pipeline (online
network which connected employees to all project files for
quick access)
> Team Skills - Worked with a team, participated in group
meetings and maintained employer-employee relationships.

==== EDUCATION ====
Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY
Master of Fine Art, Computer Graphics Design - GPA: 3.4 - May 2011
Bachelor of Fine Art, Medical Illustration - May 2009