MIke Morgan

Freelance Photo Editor & Event Photographer

Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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A moment in time,
Never to be repeated; whether it’s the first few days of a precious new life, the butterfly kisses of a toddler, or the warm embrace of two people celebrating their love...these moments will come and be gone in the blink of an eye, never to be repeated.I have always loved photography and I decided to do this as a profession because I enjoy being around people and helping to capture their memories through my lens. I love the challenge it presents. Computer software and other forms of technology give us the ability now to alter how a photograph appears, possibly even improve or enhance it's final form, but the key, the very reason you need a professional, will always be capturing the moment as it happens, real and filled with all the emotions and colors that shape our lives. You can't fake that and if you want to, this is the wrong profession for you. enjoy
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Photo Editing
Event Photography