Freelance Photographer & Advertising Photographer

Location:Yorktown, Virginia, United States
2 Skills
Voted Phoenix Photographer of the Year 2011

Published Works in:
• Italian Vogue website
• Glam Rock Magazine
• LA Hot (Premiere Issue)
• Giuseppina Magazine
• Pistol
• Scarlett’s Secrets
• AEA Zine
• Fashion Faces magazine
• Fashion Magazine Europe
• Kulture Magazine
• Teen Spirit Magazine issue 06
• Essere Magazine
• Java Magazine

• Vidal Sassoon Salon Scottsdale, AZ
• Twisted Metal TV
• Missconstrued (clothing designer)
• Real Talk with Louanna
• Radio Supa
• Q-Tee Jewelry Co.
• Leelah Marai Designs (clothing designer)
• Capini (jewelry)
• Art Life (TV Series)
• HardcoreTeez (clothing designer)
• Skky Brown Jewelry
• Chaco Flaco Drink Mix

Tage Michael uses a camera like a paintbrush. Maybe that’s because the canvas is where his story begins. The son of a traditional artist, Tage developed an eye for shade and shadow while watching his mom paint at the kitchen table. Soon, he was adding his own touches to her work. As his passion for the arts grew, his creativity took flight on its own, spawning unpredictable portraits and unexpected scenes.
When he discovered photography he found the catalyst for his unique vision. The lens – combined with his computer skills –freed a love for glamour and offbeat design, cast against a palate of color and content.
The results are breakaway - images that grab crowds and drop jaws.