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Molly Bussert

Freelance Telemarketer & Magazine Ad Salesperson

Location:Canton, Ohio, United States
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I have been in both inside and outside sales for over 18 years. Presently I work part-time for an Auditor Certification company as a telemarketer and create a prospective client database as well as cold call. Before this position, I owned my own company where I also researched and created my own leads. In one week I compiled a lead list of over 5,000 companies. I landed my first contract on the third day of business start up. Had it not been for unreliable employees, I would still be running my business. The following jobs required lead generation:

Yellow Page - Outside Sales Rep.
Industrial Cleaning Poducts - Outside Sales
Telecommunications - Outside Sales
Tradeshow Space - Inside Sales

It is important to know that it took me 18 years to discover that the two positions I exel in are Lead Generation and Qualified Lead Accurement. I get in doors most sales representative never do. I dig up information with precision. Decision Makers even ask, "How did you get to me." I thouroughly enjoy my work and would like to compile a precise and complete record of leads for your company. I would like to hear from you regarding this position.

Thank you for your consideration. I do hope to hear back from you soon.


Molly Bussert
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Magazine Ad Sales