Arthi Naidu

Freelance Annual Report Writer & Article Writer

Location:Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
2 Skills

Address: 123 Kampara Estate
50 Mountainview Ave
Telephone: 0729192728
[031] 2071621

First Name: ARTHI
Surname: NAIDU
Date of Birth: 09/03/’63
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
***: Female
Marital status: Married
SACE registration: 173102
1980 Matriculation with exemption
1981 [UD-W] English1, Speech and Drama 1 ,Psychology 1, Afrikaans
1982 [UD-W] English 11, Speech and Drama 11, Classical Studies1 ,
Oriental Studies 1
1983 [UD-W] English 111, Speech and Drama 111, Classical Studies 11
Special Methods: English, Drama
UNIVERSITY OF DURBAN-WESTVILLE – Specializations - Curriculum Studies and Research Methodologies
2004 July/August- CELTA Qualification via LA TROBE UNI. (AUSTRALIA)
Employment History:
April 2011 - IELTS examiner for the British Council in Durban
- Engaged in Delivering English Second Language Teacher Training for the Moses
Kotane Institute through ELET [Environment and Language Education Trust]

January 2010 - Returned to South Africa after 6 years in Australia. Taught Academic
and Business English for the Durban Language Centre
- Appointed IELTS examiner for British Council

March – Dec 2009- ROXBURGH COLLEGE [Melbourne, Australia]
Subjects taught - Year 11 VCE English
Year 10 Modified English
Year 9 English Second Language
Year 8 English
Pastoral responsibilities

January – December 2008 – WESLEY COLLEGE [Glen Waverley campus]
Subjects taught - Year 12 VCE English
Year 11 VCE English
Year 10 English
Year 11VCE English Second language

January – December 2007 – WESLEY COLLEGE [St Kilda Rd campus]
Subjects taught - Year 10 English
Year 11 VCE English
IB support for English A and B
Prep – Year 5 English for PYP
Pastoral responsibilities

September –December 2006 - SCOTCH COLLEGE [Hawthorn, Melbourne]
Subjects taught Year 11 VCE English Language [Linguistics]
Year10 Modified English
Year 8 English
Year7 English
Pastoral responsibilities

January – August 2006– WESLEY COLLEGE [St Kilda Road campus]
Subjects taught Year10 English
Year 11 English second language
Year 9 English second Language
Pastoral responsibilities

March – December2005 – WESLEY COLLEGE [St Kilda Road]
Subjects taught Year11 VCE English
Year 12 English second Language
Year 10 Literature: Film as Text
Year 9 English
Pastoral responsibilities

January – February 2005 – MONASH UNIVERSITY [Clayton, Melbourne]
Subjects taught – English Second language
Delivered the Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Language Programmes to communication students on study tours from Asian Universities.

Resigned from KZN Department of Education and Culture and relocated to Melbourne, Australia.
Total Years of Service: 19
January 1993 – February 2004 – SASTRI COLLEGE [Durban]
Subjects taught – Year 10 -12 English, Drama, Arts and Culture

January 1985- December 1992 –GANDHI DESAI SECONDARY SCHOOL
Subjects taught – Year 10 -12 English and Drama

Professional experience
- 19 years of English and Drama teaching experience in the South African schooling system
- 5 years of English First and Second language teaching experience in the Australian Independent schooling system – [Wesley College – Melbourne]
• Delivered Grade 10 and VCE English [Yr 11 and 12] incorporating technology into teaching at a College with a computer notebook commitment across the curriculum
o Language: Study of language conventions, grammar,
o Literature: Study of literary genres, literature techniques and conventions, creative writing
o Writing: Exposure to and stimulus for formal, informal and creative writing styles
o Media: Analysis of media language and propaganda

• Computer-literate: Used technology extensively in the delivery of Senior English programmes and general computer applications for communication with staff, students and parents
• Served on Year12 English Bench marking panel and the curriculum review committee
• Assigned pastoral responsibilities
• Wrote up comprehensive student reports and engaged in parent-teacher interviews
• Set, marked, moderated and assessed examinations and tests
• Served on the coordinating committee for International Day
• Addressed IB International Literature students on the South African Apartheid Context
• Delivered lecture to Year 12 students on “The Piscean Metaphor in the ‘The Sharknet’.”
• Accompanied students on overnight camps and excursions

- IELTS Examiner for Monash University [International English Language Testing System]
• Assessed oral and written English for persons seeking permanent residency in Australia or applying to enter University faculties in Australia
• Undertook re-certification as IELTS examiner through Cambridge University

- Acting Head of the Department of English [Sastri College] – Durban, SA
• Responsible for ensuring the delivery of the Senior English curriculum to Grade 10, 11, 12 students. Supported, guided and counseled learners in the learning context
• Monitored the implementation of Education Department’s decision
• Maintain comprehensive, accurate records of student progress and intervention methods where necessary
• Support and develop the teaching capacity of all members of the English faculty through internal workshops, professional development and meetings.
• Maintain lines of communication to staff, parents and students.
• Setting of examination papers and maintaining integrity of the process
• Addressed parent community on changes to the Year12 English curriculum

- Extensive experience as Matric sub-examiner for English and Drama
- Nominated to conduct workshop for fellow staff on the pedagogical
underpinnings of OBE and trained them in the implementation of assessment
- Elected to serve on the Sastri College Board of Governors
- Conducted formative and summative assessments and wrote up
comprehensive term reports on the progress of each student
- Served on the panel of the Staff development Programme
- Attended faculty and staff meetings
- Coordinated Sastri College’s school concert
• Conceptualized theme of the concert and ran auditions
• Drew up and executed rehearsal schedule
• Generated funds to sustain the Drama Department
- Served on sports committee
- Coordinated Speech and Awards functions
- Served on coordinating committee for the foreign student exchange programme with Germany
- Edited school magazine
• Coordinated publications committee and delegated responsibilities
• Wrote up articles for school magazine and year book
• Engaged directly in sub-editing and proofreading processes
• Established network with contributors and printers
• Took responsibility for distribution
- Launched and coordinated debating society
- Prepared students for appearance on television
Coordinated Special projects: Senior Prom and Speech and Awards functions-
• Chaired coordinating committees
• Delegated role functions
• Hosted the functions as master of ceremonies
Recent Professional Development
- Training in the use of the Epipen
- Workshop: ‘How the brain of a boy works’
- Workshop: “Publish or Perish”
- Training in the use of whiteboard

- Attended ‘The education show’ – 2009

Referees: 1. Malcolm Martin - Head of the Department of English
WESLEY COLLEGE [Glen Waverley, Melbourne] - PH: +61381026500
2. Sue Katsavos – Colleague – ESL Teaching
WESLEY COLLEGE [St Kilda Road, Melbourne] - Tel: + 61 3 8102 6100
3. Sue Erdal - Head of the Department of English
ROXBURGH COLLEGE [Roxburgh, Melbourne] – PH: +61399308100
4. Vis Moodley – Principal
SASTRI COLLEGE [Durban Central] – PH: (031) 3095279

CV –Arthi Naidu