Chaunci Toney

Freelance Graphic Designer & Book Cover Designer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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My relevant qualifications include my background history in art, art design, marketing, social media, music ,and event production. Also of note is my previous position with Imprint Projects (Marketing Company). During my tenure with Imprint Projects I helped to host numerous listening parties with Sonos Studios- varying from all types of artists, from Moby to St. Lucia, to Diplo. Some of my responsibilities included but were not limited to:set design, scheduling, financing and budgeting, contracts, and web page designs. I assisted with event productions for Levis Station to Station Tour at Union Station, helping to create an eye opening set designs to draw in our audience through the use of Adobe and other computer generated programs, In addition to working with Imprint Projects, I do freelance work around LA for Timeout Magazine (most recent event to dates: Los Globos “ A Club Called Rhonda). I have over 4years of experience pertaining to Event Production set design and graphic designing. In college I was a PA for a company called UA-Presents, where I handled the construction of webpage design and layout for the performing artists.
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Graphic Design
Book Cover Design