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Location:Sugar Land, Texas, United States
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Specialities: Android /i OS,PHP-Symphony,Ruby 1.8.7 , Rails 3.0.3,Haml,Sinatra, Web servers-Apache,nginx,mongrel

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My Location:
Sugar Land, Houston- Texas, USA

Experience: ( 6 years Solid )
Web Technologies

PHP, ROR, Drupal / Majendo Customization and Template integrations, AJAX, ZEN CART Integration,OS Commerce , Word-Press, Drupal, JSP,MS Sql, MYSQL, Css, Asp. Net , VC .Net programming, Remote Database Administration and also specialized in custom Web 2.0.

Web Programming Platforms

PHP programming skills in Unix/Linux,Lamp, FreeBSD and Windows platforms.Extensive knowledge in user design of Firewalls and routers Worked with MySQL, Postgre SQL,SQLite and CouchDB databases, Cold fusion. Familiar with javascript frameworks like YUI and JQuery.

System Programming

System level programming skills in Unix/Linux, FreeBSD platform.
Worked extensively in MultiThreaded Programming and has strong knowledge of system calls, IPC mechanisms like semaphores, message queues, pipe,
shared memory etc in Linux ,FreeBSD and TCP/IP Network programming in
C and C++.

Python programming skills in Unix/Linux platform. Strong knowledge in Network Protocols. Complete understanding of TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP protocols. Good at Object Oriented Develop- ment in C++. GUI application development with QT.

Some of my Projects:

1. Billing And Bandwidth Management Solution:

Billing And Bandwidth Solution meant for those ISPs looking for providing flexible bandwidth packages to consumers and business customers. Solution supports unlimited Internet pack- ages/schemes and centralized billing.
Platforms/Languages/Protocols: • Embedded FreeBSD, C/C++, PHP, TCP/IP, RADIUS.

My involvement consisted of: • Designing and developing the FreeBSD based NAS(Network Access Server). • Designing and developing software modules/components as a part of product feature. • Technical Support to critical issues in the field and quick dispatch of fix or workaround

2. Integrated UI For FireWall
Integrated user interface for FreeBSD based FireWall and Router. Developed critical backend scripts needed for the working of Firewall.
Platforms/Languages/Protocols: • Embedded FreeBSD, PHP

My involvement consisted of: • Designing and developing the UI. • Designing and developing software modules/components as a part of product feature. • Technical Support to critical issues and workaround solution.

3. Hardware Accelatared DPI
Hardware Accelatared DPI is a complete solution that can be deployed in a FreeBSD based router/firewall. The project involved in writing a device driver for Lionic ePavis LC2350A, a hardware based content inspection coprocessor, and accelerate ClamAV and Snort based Deep Payload Inspection using Lionic ePavis LC2350A.

Hardware/OS: • Lionic ePavis LC2350A, FreeBSD, C and developing tools.
My involvement consisted of: • Design and development of Device Driver. • Accelerate ClamAV and Snort based DPI. • ug fixing and handling enhancements for the device driver

Some of my Portfolio's(PHP-Symphony/ROR)

ASP Portals

Skype ID - ranjitattingal
Email : savemeram@gmail.com
Cell Phone - 832 790 8988

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Ranjit Pillai
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