Andrea Herbst

Freelance Article Writer & German Translator

Location:United States
2 Skills
I am a freelance translator, writer, editor with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, providing honest, detail-attentive, consistently high quality work. I pride myself on my dedication to producing on-time, excellent work tailored to each individual's specifications, and give my fullest attention to every project.

After graduating summa *** laude with a bachelor's degree in English, I moved to Germany. While there I worked at a magazine in Frankfurt, which gave me significant experience editing texts written by non-native English speakers.

I provide clear, concise writing, and have experience both in journalism and creative writing. From medicine to politics, I can and will write well thought out articles. An avid reader and writer, I enjoy being the type my friends consistently come to when they need help writing or editing a paper. I'm a stickler for details and always on the lookout for correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar, whether American or British English.

It's all about working with and for you to produce the product you're looking for. I'm very conscientious when editing to keep the author's voice or style intact.

All work, whether article writing, proofreading, or editing, is double-checked. I have worked with APA, MLA, and Chicago styles and have guides on-hand to refer to. MS Word track changes will also be used upon request.

In addition, I offer proofreading and editing services. I pay attention to the details and you will receive a product with correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Besides American English, I have experience writing and proofreading to British English as well.

I also provide German-English / English-German translation for smaller projects. As stated above, I feel comfortable working with texts by non-native English speakers, whether they need simple proofing or complete overhauls.

If ever I need further clarification on a subject, I will do outside research to ensure that both you and I feel confident.