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Rashed Yowakim

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Dear Susan,

Concerning your announcement for proofreader, it is my pleasure to apply for this job since I have been working as a translator/editor and reviser from English into Arabic and vice versa for more than 15 years. My experiences have been performed within multinational companies and international environment. In addition I worked as an office manager/administrator for more than 3 years. I have sufficient experiences in publishing companies for revising the materials prepared for final print and publishing. In addition, I have translated more than five websites for great companies over the world.

• I am also approved as an associate translator by ATIO (the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, Canada).

• Certified by TransPerfect USA as a Life- science and pharmaceutical professional translator.

• In addition, I have a professional certificate in Business Administration Studies and Office Management from the American University in Cairo

Working as a translator & editor included these following areas, in which I worked and revised:

1. Legal field translation. (contract, company profiles, court lawsuits, criminal laws, other)
2. security & surveillance appliances
3. Financial translations, including all bank products and cards (I have translated the great financial website of
4. Medical & pharmaceutical translator and reviser for Novartis Pharma Egypt, and TransPerfect USA. I translated and revised for these two companies more than 200.000 words only in medical, pharmaceutical field and medical questionnaires.
5. Medical questionnaires
6. Patent translation (medical & pharmaceutical)
7. I translated ( , and another great financial website of (
8. I translated various software translations such as iPods..(I translated, Gowalla iPod,
9. I translated and localized TntMPD software, (
10. I translated medical website (
11. I have translated the website (
12. I translated WordPress plugin website
13. I translated and localized the website for (
14. I translated and localized the website for (
15. I have translated the website of (
16. I have translated the medical website of (
17. Military field & governmental documents
18. Multicultural marketing, branding and consulting
19. Technical translations and Patents
20. Political & economic field, in which “I have translated the economic partnership” book.
21. Quality procedures manuals, company activities and other various fields in which I worked for a Dutch company and translated the company legal contracts, deals, and all manuals of nearly 120 quality management manuals (each manual is about 150 pages, total 18000 pages translated.
22. Projects and feasibility studies.
Also, I am qualified to work as a reviser and editor for the classical Arabic language
Job Title: translator –Reviser Employer:
Corporate Translations-and other multinational companies From: 2010 To: 2011
Responsibilities Responsible to translate, proofread translations from English into Arabic, in the following fields:
Medical field, technical, multicultural marketing, branding & marketing.

Job Title: translator Employer:
TransPerfect USA From: 2007 To: 2010
Responsibilities Responsible to translate, proofread translations from English into Arabic, in the following fields:
Medical field, technical, multicultural marketing, branding & marketing and consulting. Please check accreditation attached.

Job Title: Translator /Editor Employer:
Dar El-Thakafa Publishing Co. From: 2004 To: 2006
Responsibilities Responsible to translate , revise, edit all publishing material of books, essays, brochures, all written and publicity materials, in addition to performing some administrative and executive secretarial tasks.

Job Title: Translator /Editor Employer:
Medical Center of Dr. Laban” From: 6/2006 Till: 12/2008
Translating, proofreading medical brochures from English into Arabic and vice versa in various medical and pharmaceutical leaflets and researches.
Job Title
freelancer Medical Reviser Employer: Novartis Pharma Co.
From: 1/2001 Till: 5/2003
Job Title: pharmaceutical Translator My job task is to revise the translated medical pamphlets from English into Arabic for one of the most international companies in the field of pharmaceuticals “Novartis Pharma”. I reviewed during this period of time nearly more than 7 projects and each project included about 80000 words.

Job Title: Office Manager / Translator Employer:
Quality Management Systems “Dutch Co.” From: 9/99 To: 12/2001
Job description: Office Manager & Translator, Interpreter from English into Arabic and vice versa in a multinational Co.
Tasks included:
1. Tasks as an office manager were performing all the secretarial administrative duties besides correspondences, sending faxes, updating data, and using computer, as well as carrying out the managerial duties such as staffing, controlling, directing and aids for promotion.
2. Tasks as a translator: Performing all the translations from English into Arabic and vice versa for all manuals, reports, audits of quality, technical translation for activities of the certified bodies, translation for the contracts and legal documents., beside interpretation for meetings of the company.
During this period of work as a translator I translated many of the quality procedures manuals form English into Arabic and vice versa such for large companies such as:

1. Ghabbour Co. in which I translated its quality procedures manuals and to get its certification from the mother company QM in Holland,
2. Kollaly for computer,
3. GESCA for medical equipment
4. Engineering Co.
5. Mena oil Co.
6. EMCO Co.
7. Media house Co.
8. Alpha Medica Co.
These mentioned above companies are some of the companies I translated for them their quality procedures manuals and all their quality documents in behalf of my company QM.
Job Title: Translator Employer: Cosmopoletis Translation Center From: 1/99 To: 11/99
Job description: Working as a freelancer translator from English into Arabic and mainly from Arabic into English that included:
1. Translating some projects such as Marsa Alam Touristic Village.
2. Translating criminal laws prescribed and approved by The President of Emirates, Zaeid Ibn Nahian from Arabic into English and other legal documents.

Job Title: Translator & Editor Employer: Dar El-Sakafa From: 5/1996 To: 2/1997
Job description: 1. Responsible to revise all translations from English into Arabic and vice versa, besides working as an editor and reviser for the authored books to be in line with the classical Arabic language.
2. Proofreading the translated books from English into Arabic to get in line of accuracy according to the original language.
3. One of the books I have translated for this org. was “The Economic Partnership” which was translated into Arabic and published.
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