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Seeking a challenging and performance oriented position to attain experience and knowledge working on a global scale offering for career growth and professional development.
Professional experience -Interpretation & translation (Arabic-English-Arabic)
Ministry of Islamic affairs and endowments, Saudi Arabia
• January 2001- Hajj mission at King Abdul Aziz International airport
• December 2005- Hajj mission at Makkah, Mina, Muzdalifa, and Arafat.
During these Hajjs, I was appointed by the Ministry as an interpreter to deliver the message of Saudi government to pilgrims from the English speaking countries. My task was to interpret the Arabic speeches of a certain Sheikh. In addition to this, I would translate the questions of the audience into Arabic for the Sheikh and vice-versa.
International Exposure
• July 2001 visited Islamic Republic of Iran as a tourist
• September 2004-November 2004 Suleiman Educational Complex, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
From The Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh; I served as a trainee at Suleiman Educational Complex which is an Arabic medium high school.
• Feb 1998-Nov 2004 delivered speeches in Arabic language at the dormitory's mosque.
During my course of study at Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University, I was assigned to deliver short speeches at at dormitory's mosque once a week after ASR prayer.
• B.A. in Usooluddin (September 2000- November 2004)
Having received Certificate and Diploma in Arabic language, I got an opportunity to earn a four years degree program. I studied syntax, Morphology, Hadeeth, exegesis, Qira'at (various reading modes of Qur’an), comparative studies of religions, history of Saudi Arabia, and research writing. In this four years degree program, I submitted three research papers in Arabic language on the following topics:
? The status of Mosque in Islam ????? ?????? ? ?????? ?? ???????
? The perseverance ?????????
? The Meaning of Ruko' and prostration ????? ?????? ???????
After each paper a minor seminar presentation was conducted.
• Participation in various co-curricular activities.
During my stay at University’s Dormitory, I participated in courses like Arabic calligraphy, Arabic typing, and room decorations.
i) Experience in Pakistan (Teacher---Teacher Educator and Observer)
• August 1995- June 1996__ Salafiah Public School, Quetta
I taught Grades 7 the English as a second language.
• 19 April 2005-19 July 2006__Al-Hijrah trust Birmingham, U.K.
I joined Al-Hijrah residential school as a teacher of Urdu language, Tajweed and Hadeeth. The school is owned by Al-Hijrah Trust U.K. it was a wonderful experience of my life teaching Al Hijrah School, Ziarat Campus.
• August -September 2006-- Wilderness School and College, Quetta.
I taught Islamic studies and social studies at Wilderness school. The medium of instruction was in English.
• September 2006- April 2007: I remained unemployed for almost 8 months.

• May 2007-November 14, 2009: Skillful Public School, Airport road, Quetta.
It was my first experience to teach Grade one to three. I taught English, Science, Social Studies, Urdu and Islamic studies.
• February 2009-August 2009___
I also worked as Arabic Language instructor at AFAQ for 5 months.
• April_ May 2010 Classroom Observation
Under its program of Quality School Management, AFAQ conducted pre-audit of The Punjab School, I served as an observer and observed classes of different grades.
ii) Experience in Pakistan ( as Program Coordinator, Writer, Translator and Editor)

• November 15,2007- Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ) up till now
As a Program Coordinator
1- I joined Association for Academic Quality (AFAQ) as Regional In charge of Regional Office, Quetta. I also served as a Teacher Educator for one year and three months. During this period, I trained 1050 teachers of 41 schools in 10 cities of Baluchistan. I gained experience of planning; organizing, leading and controlling human resource to accomplish goals.

2- January 20, 2009, I was transferred to Head office at Lahore in the capacity of Program Coordinator AFAQ. I performed the following intellectual activities:
I have developed international business relations for AFAQ through emails and telephonic communication with leading foreign Publishers and Printing companies and educational institutions including:
1- Nanjing Amity Printing Co, China
2- Shenyang God Made Colors China
3- Gabwoo Printing & Design, Korea
4- Repro India Limited
5- Solution Tree USA
6- American Society for Quality, USA
7- Edgeucational Publishing, USA
8- Olive Books UK limited
9- Al-Hijrah Trust UK
10- Pelangi Publishing, Malaysia
11- Qatar Foundation’s project ROTA
12- Pascal Press Australia
13- Linkoping University, Sweden
14- New Era Publishing International, Denmark
15- Islamic School Berlin, Germany
16- Timas Group of Publishing, Turkey
17- EDAM, Turkey
18- Al Rowad Publishing & Distribution, Jordan
19- Dar Al Manhal , Jordan
20- IQRA international Education Foundation, Chicago,USA
21- Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA),USA
22- Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), USA
23- Sound vision, Chicago, USA

I also arranged 10 international visits for the Executive Director of AFAQ and other AFAQ Officials. I am managing the business deals with above mentioned companies.
As a writer, Translator and Editor:
Apart from Foreign affairs I wrote professional documents for AFAQ:
• Prospectus of Olympia Model School (OMS)
• JDs for Vice Principal and teachers of OMS
• Wrote and edited news of AFAQ quarterly Newsletters
• Translated Introduction of AFAQ into Arabic Language
• web content of AFAQ website
• MOUs between AFAQ and Timas Group of Publishing Turkey and between AFAQ and Al-Rowad for Distribution and Publishing, Jordan
• Translated of AFAQ Children Encyclopedia (Turkey issue) from Urdu into English
• Edited three issues of weekly English Encyclopedia for AFAQ

• May 2010 -September 15,2009- Prevention of Blindness Trust (POB Trust) Hospital (a part time job)
Joint the Prevention of Blindness Trust (the POB Trust) as content writer rendering my services as a free-lancer. I have written website content, success stories, free eye camp reports, and travel memories of Jaranwala Free Eye Camp held on Oct 9, 10, and 11, 2009.
Translated the webpage of the POB website into Arabic language
• Other literary works (writing articles is my hobby, especially research writing)
Wrote articles in Urdu language on the importance of Arabic Language and others
• ???? ???? ?? ?????? (Excellence of Arabic Language)
• ????? ???? ???????? ????????(Compilation of Qur’an and criticism of orientlists)
• ??? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ????- From a political difference to religious sect
Experience in some trades:
• I earned Diploma in electric Wiring (1988) and worked as an amateur electrician for some time.
• I worked as and Embroidery worker for six year during my school days (1986-1992).
Some other achievements:
• HIFZ-E-QURAN :( 1986) after Primary School, I joined Madrasa Tahfeezul Quetta in 1984 to memorize the Holy Qur’an.
• CERTIFICATE COURSES IN TAFSEER, HADEETH, And ISLAMIC STUDIES:I took Tafseer Qur’an, Hadeeth and Islamic Studies courses through correspondence from Da’wah Academy, Islamic International University Islamabad.
• Gold medalist: a gold medal was conferred on to me in1987 under the title “TELENTED 1987” by then Governor of Baluchistan, while I was a student of 7th class at Special High School, Quetta.
Trainings attended
• 3-Day workshop on Strategic Time Management by Timelenders at AFAQ Head Office Lahore (2008)
• 3-Day workshop on Strategic Vision by Timelenders at AFAQ Head Office Lahore (2009)
• One-Day workshop on Communication Skills at Sun Fort Hotel, Lahore (2009)
• 3-Day Workshop on Internal Audit by Bureau VERITAS, Lahore (Aug 2010)
• 3-Day International Conference on Terrorism and Islam at The Imam University, Riyadh (2003)
• One Day workshop on Marketing Strategy at AFAQ Head Office Lahore (2008)
English - Good reading, writing and speaking ability in the language
1- CERTIFICATE in ENGLISH LANGUAGE: (1993) Pakistan American Cultural Center Quetta. I spent 5 years (from 1989-1993) in improving four skills of language to be proficient in English.
2- DIPLOMA in ENGLISH LANGUAGE :( 1994) Pakistan American Cultural Center, Quetta.
3- Masters in English literature 2010
4- EILTS overall band score 6.5
Arabic - Good reading, writing and speaking ability in the language
1- February 1997-January 1998 Certificate in Arabic language
February 1997, I was enrolled in the Institute of Arabic language, the Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University. I received Certificate in Arabic Language in 1999. It was extensive Arabic language program.
2- Diploma in Arabic Language (1999)
It was one year Diploma program for Arabic literature and Islamic Studies.
Persian- I can understand and speak a little, however, can read and write.
CERTIFICATE COURSE IN PERSIAN LANGUAGE: (2009-2010) I took one year Persian Language course (????? ???? ????? ???????) through correspondence from Khana-e- Farhang-e-Iran, Lahore.
Urdu- Good reading, writing and speaking ability in the language
I studies Urdu language from Primary Grades to High school Grades.
Pashto- I can understand and speak but read scantily
Panjabi - I can understand and speak, read but can not write

Academic Qualification in Pakistan:
Masters of Arts in Islamic studies: From University of Baluchistan Quetta (2006)
Masters of Arts in English Literature: From University of Baluchistan, Quetta (previous 2009)
Bachelors in Education: from University of Baluchistan Quetta
Bachelor of Arts : from University of Baluchistan Quetta (1998)
Fellow of Science (Intermediate) From the Board of Intermediate and Secondary School Education Quetta (1994)
Matriculation (1992) from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary School Education Quetta, (1992)
Academic Qualification in ?Saudi Arabia:
Certificate and Diploma courses in Arabic Language from the Imam University Riyadh (3 and half year program-from Feb. 1997-2000)
B.A Usool- uddin from the Imam University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (4 and half-year-degree program-2001-2004)- I spent total 8 years in Saudi Arabia
Computers Skills:
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft excel
• Microsoft FrontPage
• Microsoft power point
Personal information:
Father: Abdul Rehman Hashmi Date of birth: Nov 23, 1971
Marital Status: Married Children: one son
Place of Birth: Quetta, Pakistan
Nationality: Pakistani
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6- Prof. Dr. Samir Abdel Hamid I. Nouh, Prof. of Oriental Lang. & Studies, The Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh. Recently, he is a visiting Prof. Doshisha University Kyoto Japan.
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8- Dr. Prof. Khaja Zafar Ilahi, King Saud University,Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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