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Jimmy Dale Robertson

Freelance Digital Artist, T-Shirt Designer, & More

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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I am pragmatic and realistic, with a zest for living life to the fullest by multiplying experiences. I engage quickly with my environment. I seek and enjoy freedom, I am good natured, direct, tolerant to others and I often provide levity in situations. On the Job, I appretiate having the right tools and a plan. I am quite ingenious at finding solutions to problems. I like to keep things simple and immediate, going with the flow. I learn by imitation and I am a keen observer and quick learner.

I am a post graduate who studied animation. I am proficient with adobe creative suite, Maya and I have created works of art for television, advertisement and also for up and coming musicians.

In the past I designed logo's and characters for t shirts, games and animations. I did this in my free time as a hobby, while I was studying.