Jon Day

Freelance Website Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Brunswick, Maine, United States
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With nearly 10 years of experience, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve also learned a lot, and better yet, I’ve learned how to apply it successfully to your project. That’s really what’s important right? How is this guy going to be of any service to you, and why should you trust him with your project (and money)? The answer is simple…I approach each project with a vested interest in its success. I don’t just want to see the project through to completion, I want to make sure it’s going to achieve the goals set forth.

In order to provide the best service possible, I pull a little bit from each of my different areas of knowledge and experience. I’ve held titles ranging from proofreader to creative director, and have had to solve problems the variety of which is vast…all the while maintaining a sense of humility.
Currently, I am working as an independent contractor, but am also heavily involved with a new venture: iDesign Solutions, with partner Derek Dorr, and designer Daniel Williams. I typically work with clients in the Boston, New York and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, but I can provide my services remotely for any location.

Additionally, I’m an avid guitarist of 17 years and a chess enthusiast. I’m always up for a discussion about either subject.




Art Director
Vitality Systems, Inc.

Managed the day to day operations of the art department. This included die-cut label printing, order production, designing of advertising materials, as well as administrative tasks, and implementation of private labeling program, with custom designs for veterinary clinics. I was heavily involved in the creation of a proprietary label printing software, and trained new staff in its use. The knowledge gained in this position was vast: heat transfer printer operation and maintenance, die-cut label stock varieties and weights, toners, management procedures, shipping procedures, vendor negotiations, and interoffice policy development.

Creative Director
Bayshore Custom H2O

During my tenure at Vitality Systems, Inc. I became acquainted with a friend of the owner, who was operating a custom-labeled bottled water company. His location was in Ohio, but he was also facilitating existing customers in Florida. I began assisting him in the creation of labels, and from there began handling the majority of all details for the Florida-based operations. This included sales, customer service, shipping & receiving, and day to day operations. This was all in addition to the creative responsibilities that I maintained, including label design & printing, graphic design, and quality control.

Composing Supervisor
Cox Media, Automart Magazine

This was a mid-level management position in which I oversaw the daily operations of a 13-person design/production floor. Automart magazine is a national publication, for which we handled 7 regional issues, weekly. Each publication was between 50-100 pages, and ran full-color ads for car dealerships. The composing department was responsible for designing and assembling ads, creating a pagination for the publication, and collecting the pages for print. I handled almost every aspect of the floor’s daily operations, with the exception of corporate related functions, which was carried out by the office manager. We originally had a 3-tier management system consisting of office manager, assistant manager, and composing supervisor. Our assistant manager was absent on long-term medical leave for nearly the entire duration of my employment, and thus I absorbed the responsibilities of this position, happily.


Commercial Art Technology, AA.
PTEC – Clearwater, FL

Under the tutelage of Milton Watts, a thorough understanding of the professional world of graphic design was achieved. This program’s setting was one of a real-world-scenario. The classroom was essentially a design studio, with our assignments being projects that one might complete on-the-job. In addition to studying what one might expect in the realm of graphic design, we also were provided with an in depth look into other areas of study such as philosophy, world history, political science, sociology, marketing, psychology and literature. All of these together help to tell the story of mankind, and to see how our aesthetic senses have been shaped over time.

Skills learned in this program include, but are not limited to: logo design and branding, traditional illustration, digital illustration, multimedia design, typography, layout, workflow organization, creative development processes, print media design & layout, use of Adobe Creative Suite software.

Additional Skills:

HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, eCommerce, Flash Animation, Actionscript, After Effects Animation, Music & Video Editing, Web Layout, Typography, Logo Design & Branding, Banner Ads, Icon Design, Interface/UI Design, Database Entry
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