Alicia Hansen

Freelance Editor & Newsletter Writer

Location:Takoma Park, Maryland, United States
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With over a decade of experience at a respected D.C. nonprofit organization, Alicia Hansen is a skilled communications professional. A creative multitasker, during her 12 years at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Tax Foundation, she managed a website, edited and proofread a wide range of materials, created print and e-mail newsletters, conducted research, and wrote studies, op-eds, web copy, and blog posts. Her in-depth, carefully researched studies on the tax policy implications of state-run lotteries led to radio interviews, op-eds in major newspapers, and testimony to a state legislature. Alicia put her finely tuned knowledge of grammar and style to work in her editing as well as her writing, ensuring that publications and web copy were clear, concise, engaging, and consistent. Her editing work included an e-mail newsletter that she reliably sent to over 5,000 subscribers every week, including donors, CEOs, professors, and congressional staff, and a quarterly, glossy, 20-page print newsletter. Alicia also managed the Tax Foundation’s large, intricate website using a CMS, and she would welcome the opportunity to expand her knowledge of web management by learning HTML or new web technologies. She is a quick learner, detail-oriented, creative, and adept at explaining complex issues in an easy-to-understand fashion.
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Newsletter Writing