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Rich Tabach

Freelance Script Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Valencia, California, United States
Phone: 661-284-6036
2 Skills
David Vanacore Productions (in conjunction with various other companies) – Responsible for writing and overseeing presentations for reality and scripted projects. Responsibilities included writing scripts, treatments, sketches, overseeing casting and shoots as well as overseeing editing sessions. (Celeb Retweet – DVP reality/scripted sketch show, Outlaws – DVP/Mark Burnett prod. reality/ sketch show, Freight Dogs – DVP/ Discovery studios reality show
I Hate my Job – DVP/ Pilgrim reality show)

Writer – Network TV
Served as Staff writer or story editor, as well as contracted to write pilots and/or freelance episodic assignments. Participated in writing and rewriting scripts on staff for network television: Comedy and Drama, working for companies like ABC and Paramount. (Secret Service Guy –sitcom; 20th Fox for Fox, Sentinel - Drama; Paramount TV for UPN, Mafiosa – sitcom; Americana Films, Hippie Freaks – Sitcom Pilot Chopped Liver prod. for USA, Joe’s Life – sitcom; ABC Prod. For ABC, Dinosaurs – sitcom; Disney TV for ABC)

Responsible for producing and editing presentations, including shooting and using FCP to edit and output sizzle reels for new potential television series: Reality and Scripted. (reel available @ - password: reel)

Writer – Cable TV
Responsible for researching, conceptualizing, creating promotional materials and writing various freelance episodes, including story lines, and overseeing interviews for various networks including E! Entertainment, TLC/Discovery and ******* TV. (Available upon request)

Script Coordinator
Responsible for overseeing script departments for various television shows. Duties included managing small staffs of writer’s assistants, researching, editing and proofreading all scripts as well as handling continuity, distribution and coordinating between various departments for network sitcoms and dramas. (Becker, Just Shoot Me, Oh, Baby, That 70s show, One West Waikiki)

Writer- publications
American Way magazine –Various articles for American Airlines in-flight magazine.

Freelance Copywriter
Advertising, marketing, press releases, and ethics courses etc. for various companies on a freelance basis (too many to list.)
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Script Writing
Creative Writing