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Sian Mandrake

Freelance Book Illustrator & Comic Artist

Location:Budd Lake, New Jersey, United States
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I draw to create magic and fairytale in the everyday, to allow my readers imaginations to soar and find adventure. As a child I built houses for fairies and searched for dragon eggs in my backyard. I know my adventures were given life thanks to the beautifully illustrated books I grew up reading. They captured my imagination and now I want to give that sense of wonder back to the world to the old and young alike.

I am a freelance illustrator from New Jersey and a graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Since graduating I have worked on many different projects varying from storyboards to coloring comics. Most recent projects include working as colorist on John Carpenter's Asylum, coloring cover art for Joseph Maddrey's book 'Beyond Fear' for BearManor Media. Working as a penciller on an art team for the book '7Deadly Sinners' written by Chuck Dixon. and working on several children's book illustration(pencils,inks, and colors). Currently, I am also an Instructor at the Kubert School.

I work with all mediums from pencils to digital, although I particularly love working with pen&ink and watercolor. I am just as comfortable creating fantasy worlds as I am doing portraits and give every project my all.
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Book Illustration
Comic Art