Gregory Butler

Freelance Animator & Banner Designer

Location:Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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My goal is to show your company that I’m the best person for the Graphic Design position.
Work Experience
• I have designed a logo for a Hair Salon.
• Designed a book cover for Teaching in Urban America by Walter Gill PhD.
• I created fire escape plans for Highlandtown Elementary/ Middle School using Adobe Illustrator.
• I’ve been in many Art Shows.
• I’ve been commissioned to do artwork for delegate Adrian Jones.
• My artwork is currently on display near downtown at Hair Art Studio.
• I’ve sold numerous art pieces and prints.
• I’ve created marketing plans for the sculpture department at Towson University.
• I have developed original designs, concepts, or visual styles for publications, exhibits, or presentation materials that present to the public the ideas or images desired;
• I am great at transforming spoken or written descriptions of items, issues, processes, or events into visual representation without benefit of existing pictures, models, or diagrams;
• I am able to producing a wide range of visual communications, illustrations, special designs and layouts from conception to production to communicate the visual requirement of the projects to those providing state-of-the-art materials pertinent to the project development; and
• I am proficient at using the following applications: Adobe InDesign (Creative Suites 5), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Professional Acrobat, Microsoft Word and Power Point in developing visual/desktop publishing requirements and procedures to meet the needs of the organization and ensure availability of appropriate equipment/materials.

Career Experience
(2007-Current) Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher Assistant
(Summer of 2008- summer 2010) YMCA Started as Senior Counselor in 2008
Promoted to Assistant Director in 2009
Promoted to Director in 2010
(2006- 2007) We Teach and Tutor Student Aid
(2002-current) Professional Artist I create and sell art in my spare time.
08/ 2008- 2012 Towson University Art & Design degree
I graduate this summer from Towson University with a bachelor’s degree. I have over 197 credits.

Computer Skills
I am an expert following computer programs:
• Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Creative Suites,
• Autodesk Maya 3D program
• Microsoft Office
• Printing using oversized printers

Extracurricular Activities

I started a mentoring program for boys at Dallas F. Nicholas Elementary School, called The Brother Hood. This program was about teaching young boys how to deal with life’s challenges.
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Banner Design