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Freelance German Translator & Technical Support Freelancer

Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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Looking to apply my education and experience on a professional level, I am proficient and well-versed in many aspects of computer and information technology. I have ample experience in the customer service field as well as in hardware, laptop and desktop troubleshooting. Additionally, I have years of hands-on experience with nearly all Microsoft-based suites. I am a fluent speaker of German, both written and verbally, with nearly 5 years of combined academic experience at The University of Oklahoma, Rose State College and The University of Heidelberg in Germany. In closing, I pride myself mostly in being a critical thinker – a problem solver and individual who always yields results.


Rose State College (2006-2008)

The University of Oklahoma {German and Linguistics (2008-2012)}

The University of Heidelberg in Germany (Exchange Student 2009-2010)


Dell Enterprise Triage (7/2/13 - 11/1/13)
As a Triage agent at Dell Computer Technologies, my daily tasks required the proper routing of in-bound calls based on the customer’s product and needs. In addition to this, a thorough and fluent understanding of Dell’s enterprise-level servers and storage units was crucial. Other duties included, but were not limited to, setting up warranty-based dispatches for failed components on the aforementioned items, and properly documenting and executing shipment services as needed.

Seagate Technologies (1/5/13 - 6/1/13)
As a German-speaking call center technician for Seagate Technologies, my fundamental duties required first and foremost a thorough understanding of Seagate's products and their respective functions. Moreover, the ability to diagnose and resolve hard drive issues of varying degree was also a necessity. Issues ranged on a daily basis from the simplest in nature, such as improper cabling on small capacity external drives, to relatively complex situations, such as relocating hidden/missing files or restoring seemingly lost data on multi-bay enterprise level drives. In short, my experience at Seagate required the methodical deconstruction of any given situation, defining the problem at its core, and utilizing a step-by-step elimination process in order to resolve any given debacle.

German Language Tutor at the University of Oklahoma (3/1/08 - 5/1/12)
My duties as a German language Tutor at The University of Oklahoma required my daily attendance at the OU Athletic Facilities after class, where I acted as a full-time language helper for student athletes. My routine duties included the following: providing detailed instructions for forming proper sentence structure, explaining grammatical correctness, and helping students in preparation for upcoming tests or assignments. Additionally, I was also responsible for extending students' vocabularies and answering general questions pertaining to the syntax, phonetics and semantics of the German language.

Delivery Personnel at Valu-Med Pharmacy (5/1/03 – 8/1/06)
Primarily responsible for the delivery of prescription medications to elderly or disabled patrons of a family owned and operated pharmacy that has thrived for over 30 years. In addition, a thorough understanding of general clerical operations, such as handling and managing money, efficiently handling basic cash register functions, and always interacting with patients in a positive and friendly manner.

Technical Skills

Fluency in Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista
Qualified and Experienced Hard Drive and Computer Hardware Troubleshooter
Proficient in Excel, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote and Outlook
Well versed in Oracle Software and Salesforce applications
Complex Problem Solver and Critical Thinker

Awards and Achievements

Recipient of the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) study abroad scholarship in 2006. This award is given out annually to 50 high school students representing each of the 50 states in the nation. The selection is based on the results of a standardized test of fluency and comprehension in the language, and only those scoring within the 97th percentile are selected as candidates.

President's Leadership Scholar at Rose State College 2006-2008

German Club President at Rose State College during the academic years of 2006-2007

German Club Vice-President at the University of Oklahoma 2008-2009

Student at Heidelberg University during the academic year of 2009-2010. This University is currently Germany’s #1 ranked academic college