Seema Khowaja

Freelance Book Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:The Colony, Texas, United States
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I am an individual who has endured several hardships over the course of my existance. It is true that everyone has problems...but it takes a certain kind of person to overcome and conquer any problems which we are faced with in life. I have learned that life can be wonderful, even if we have problems. The way a person looks at or deals with the problem makes all the difference. I have always wanted to help people in any way possible. To me, inspiring people to be motivated and persistant is a most gracious honnor. Helping people, with the beauty of words, is an even more spectacular honnor. I have a deep craving and passion of writing. I enjoy using my words to converse with people, get to know people, and even learn from people. If I am given the pleasure to use my words to inspire others to strive for excellence and jubilance, I would be most flattered and would not waste the most privillaged oppertunity given to me.
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Book Writing
Fiction Writing