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Katie Morning

Freelance Event Photographer & Nature Photographer

Location:Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
Phone: 651-208-4123
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As a child I spent a large amount of time outside; due in
large part to my grandmother’s love of nature. She was always showing me stuff
from fungus on a tree to rocks, birds, animals and their habitats; which in
turn have inspired me to photograph nature and all of its wonderful beauties.
On the flip side my grandfather was my inspiration for my love of photography.
He taught me so much about photographic technique, and I was often his favorite
model. Combining these two passions is what inspires me to photograph nature and animals. Animals are uncontrollable and free and a beautiful shot can only won through patience and persistence. When I am working on nature photography, I am satisfied only when I can connect with the animals. The way they stop and listen, the way they wiggle their noses while smelling the air. I love seeing animals in their grace and beauty and want to capture that essence in my photography. This is my relaxation, my release, and my freedom.

On the commercial end, I find myself drawn to wedding and
portrait photography. Weddings are a time of love, celebration, fun and a coming together. With my camera I strive to capture that atmosphere and create lasting memories for my clients. When they look at my pictures, I want them to experience that day all over again. I love being able to do studio portraiture too. It’s a personal recording of their life, at that particular time. It may be because of a success, moving on to the next stage or any one of a dozen reasons for that person. It is a lot of fun to dress people up in masquerade style outfits that they think are amazing and photograph them. It brings out a roll playing side that is interpreted differently by each person.

My future personal endeavors include photographing the stunning
Mayan pyramids; ancient Greece for its grace and historical beauty; to go on an
African photo safari to see the animals in the wild that can only be seen in a
zoo for most people. These are the things that capture my personal interest. The
ability to take the trips required for these photo expeditions will be funded
by my studio and on location photography business, which builds bigger on a daily basis. I am so excited about my business and the future to come for it. After graduation from college, I will be completely available to a work schedule for photography. The challenges will be huge, the rewards will be magnificent and together with my husband as my business partner, we will be great!