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Location:Roswell, Georgia, United States
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Jobs and Volunteer Work
Pure Fashion (2009-2012)
Description: Pure Fashion is a nonprofit organization that encourages young teenage girls to dress modestly and still be fashionable. There are numerous volunteer services and retreats that come with the job of being a model. After modeling for a year, the girls are allowed to move up and become group leaders and lead their own group of girls. This allows everyone the opportunity to practice their leadership skills and develop communication skills.
Achievements and Personal Goals: During my time as a model, I developed my communication and leadership skills and transformed from being a skater, tomboy to a young lady. At first, my parents only wanted me to join because I was too “boy like.” (I grew up being the only girl for a while.) After modeling for two years and getting to bond with my group of friends; I decided to work my way up and become a leader. I taught six young girls how to model and dress properly while still being fashionable.
Volunteer Work: My favorite volunteer activity that we participated in was helping out at the Atlanta Woman’s Shelter. While I was there I will never forget the impact one woman had on my life. I met a woman who had lost everything she had within a week; her family, money and her home. She told me she refused to become a ********** to pay the bills that piled up, which resulted in her staying at the women’s shelter. She now shares a room with thirty other women. I asked her if she could have a second chance, what she would do differently. She answered me saying, “I would appreciate everything I had for every second that I had it because you never know what you have until you lose it all.” Ever since then I’ve learned to appreciate everything I have, even the little things.

Trader Joes (2012-Present)
Description: Trader Joes is a grocery store that originated in California and branched out across the United States. The job description as a Crew Member is being able to provide an amazing experience with every customer that walks in the doors. Crew Members preform the following tasks: cashier, “helmser” (our version of walking around the store to see if people need help locating items or want to sample various things), cleaning the store, stocking the shelves throughout the day and breaking down pallets.
Achievements and Personal Goals: Everyone at the store is required to have KAIZEN. This is Japanese for personal goals. Each Crew Member is to set a task for their own success in the company. My personal goal was to greet everyone that smiled at me and learn the regular customer’s names. I can recognize all of their faces, but memorizing names is harder than it sounds. I do my best every day to make sure I make each customer I come in contact with a little happier than when they first walked in the doors.
Student Athletic Trainer (2013 August – December)
Description: As a student athletic trainer, the job requires the student to learn about the body, muscles, joints and injuries an athlete could acquire during a game. We were trained to be first responders when something were to go wrong during an event. We learned how to preform CPR, tape different parts of the body, stretch, operate medical machines, and handle health documents.
Achievements and Personal Goals: Our motto was “Believing in a purpose that is bigger than ourselves. The Berry College Sports Medicine Department labors to care for the student athletes and the Berry community with a mind of INTEGRITY, a heart of COMPASSION, hands of SERVICE, and in a spirit of UNITY.” While I attended Berry College I took this motto very seriously and lived it out each day not only on the field, but also in life. My personal achievement here was helping to save my friend who suffered from a knee injury and tore is PCL and ACL. As a first responder, I took precaution in treating his injury and I made sure he was taken to the hospital safely.

High school diploma | may 24, 2013 | cambridge high school milton, ga
Skills & Abilities
During my time as an athletic trainer I was in charge of keeping my athletes medical files up to date and filing injury reports.
While working with Trader Joes, my ability to persuade people into purchasing items that they didn’t even intend to buy in the first place improved dramatically. Persuading people has always been a gift of mine.
Communication and leadership
While leading a team in Pure Fashion and working at Trader Joes, my communication and leadership skills developed quickly over the course of a few years. I believe that I am better off now than I was before I joined each of these organizations.
graphics designer | Feburary 1, 2013-present
I am presently enrolled in a six week online class at Kennesaw State University to become a certified graphics designer.
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