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Mike Dougherty

Freelance Movie Producer & Commercial Videographer

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
2 Skills
Michael Dougherty
64 Grove St. Apt. 2L
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Photo Experience

Set Designer
Family Band Traveling Photo Booth: New York, NY
Family Band consists of a 3 person crew between my brother, sister and I. My brother is the Photographer, my sister is the Art Director and I’m the Producer. My job is consists of picking up a 15-passenger van, picking up furniture, props and costume; also occasionally picking up camera equipment and lights. During the event I assist my brother with organizing all the prints that are being taken throughout the event.

New York Filmography

HBO October 2013
Documentary about the illustrator of Kay Thompson's Eloise, Hilary Knight.
4 day shoot.

Fearless Films LLC October 2013
3 day short shot on panavision's 35mm panaflex.

Don't Cook Just Eat July 2013
1 day shoot promo.

“We’ll Never Have Paris” Full Feature: Greater New York City Area July 2013
Director: Jocelyn Towne
Writer Simon Helberg
Producer: Robert Ogden Barmum

“Paper Dreams” Full Feature: Greater New York City Area June 2013
Dir./DP: Ryan Mitchel
Prod: Whitney Buxton
1st AD: Ricky Alvarez

“Safe In My Mind” Short Film: New Hyde Park, NY March 2013
DP: Shilpi Agrawal
1st AD: Nolan Walker

“Salam Shalom” Inie Feature: Brooklyn, NY July 2012
Director: Dima Sbeitan
Producer: Christian Andrews
New TriSphier Studios

Boom Op.
“Beach Boys” Doc: New York, NY May 2012
Director: Marc Bennett

2nd AC
“Burberry Fashion Film” Fashion Video: New York, NY Apr. 2012
Director/DP: Alistair Banks Griffin
Capture This Digital

“MAC/Ruffian” Fashion Video: New York, NY Apr. 2012
Dir. Jenna Elizabeth DP. Christian Huguenot
Capture This Digital

1st AC
“School for Ingenues” Two Webisodes for Funny of Die: New York, NY Jan. 2012
Dir. Katie Fabel DP. Joshua Young
Shot with Canon Rebal SLR

1st AC
“Tunnel of Love” Short: Brooklyn, NY Nov. 2011
Dir. Roy Peterson and Leo Fiorica DP. Justin Ervin
Shot with 5D Mark II

1st AC
“The Highline Project” Short: New York, NY Sep. 2011
Dir. Justin Ervin DP. Justin Ervin
Shot with 5D Mark II

Prod. Designer
Music Video August ‘11
Dir. Beatrice Pegard Ferry DP. Zoe White
Escorting talent to on set location.

Art PA
Smuggler Productions August 2011
Anti-Smoking Commercial
Prod. Designer: Adam Stankhausen
Pick-ups and deliveries to set decs.


Maine Media Workshops
Camera Assisant for HD & Film Course Rockport, ME July 10-17 ‘12
Instructor: Doug Hart
The course includes lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises using the latest 16mm, 35mm and digital camera technology from Arri and Panavision. Including ARRI's Alexa and Panavision's Genesis cameras. I learned the procedures and techniques that a camera assistant must know to work on features, commercials, documentaries and music videos. The course covers paperwork, focus theory, film formats, scene blocking, marking actors, set procedures and other practical aspects of working on a camera crew. Factory representatives and professional camera assistants provide instruction on the assembly, operation, loading, cleaning, and routine maintenance of each camera system. I learned to make lens changes and adjustments, check out a package, complete a camera report, fill in a slate, check a film gate, operate a video assist, pull focus and handle a zoom control. I learned to set up an HD camera system with cine-style accessories.

Basic Cinematography Course Rockport, ME July 1-7 ‘12
Instructor: Mark Raker
Through lectures, screenings, demonstrations, fieldwork and critique, I gained a basic understanding of how to control the motion picture image and the creative possibilities and technical characteristics of various film stocks and digital sensors. We learned the fundamentals of lighting scenes, exposure, color theory, depth-of-field, camera angles, shot design, composition, lenses, filtration, and camera movement. I learned the differences between the technologies of lab processing versus digital workflow and latitude. Dynamic range as well as different lighting strategies for film and digital cameras.

Steadicam Course Rockport, ME July ‘11
Instructor: Paul Taylor
Certified Steadicam Operator
The workshop covers rig setup, balance, floating techniques, vest and arm adjustment, vehicle mounting, walking and running, stairs, going through hallways, panning, booming, tilting and POVs.
President of Steadicam/Tiffen: Frank Rush

Filmmaking Course Rockport, ME May-Jul 2011
Instructor: Anelisa Garfunkel
Over 2 months of course combined formal classroom lectures and theory with practical, hands-on fieldwork, critiques and projects. The course taught me the entire filmmaking process from screenwriting to pre-production to filming, directing and post-production. It explored scene structure, storyboarding, budgeting, location scouting, equipment selection, crew positions, directing and interviewing techniques, continuity, composition, lighting and editing. Our projects and exercises were all shot on HD video as well as 16mm film cameras using professional lighting and sound packages. Our films were edited and completed on Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Colorado Filmography

2nd AC
“Caged Starling” Short: Denver, CO February 2011
Dir. Jhene Chase
Shot with 7D SLR
Worked slate and assisted the Key Grip and Gaffer

2nd AC
“Christmas ’45” Short: Denver, CO Dec. 2010
Dir. Eric Zeilenga
Shot with 7D SLR
Worked slate and also assisted the Key Grip and Gaffer