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Scott Hilburn

Freelance Videographer & Advertising Videographer

Location:Denton, Texas, United States
2 Skills

My name is Scott Hilburn, I am a passionate, focused, self-motivated, resourceful, kind, humble person & talented filmmaker who is relentless when it comes to doing whatever it takes to bring the vision to life! I love film and video because we get to put our minds together to create, bringing the image out of our heads to the screen which includes cooperation with so many people and factors in the formula! I like to say "Together We Are Stronger!"

I practice daily concentration, meditation, visualization, and positive thinking exercises that enable me to be focused, calm, centered, with a positive attitude. My goal on set is to bring the directors or clients vision to life and to the best that I possibly can. I choose to learn from every single project. I also do additional behind the scenes studying of Cinema photography, and Lighting to continually expand my knowledge. I am set out to master it. I also prepare for shoots by watching the clients previous videos, and studying the camera if its a camera I am not as familiar with.

I am on a mission to create inspirational films & videos that will stimulate & inspire people to tap into their full potential! I am committed to that goal and every video I make is a step towards that. I also do public speaking an teach classes on personal development at a non-profit school for adults.

My goal with video clients is to create videos that will aide them to a higher level to reach their next step of growth in sharing their talents with the world!

I work as a freelancer as Director of Photography and Camera Operator for Pranayama Productions 50% of the time, and the other 50% I freelance for other professional video production companies globally (which I love, appreciate and will always consider). Whether you need me on your crew, or need a whole production put together, I would love to discuss your project & video needs.

My greatest strengths are my level of discipline. I practice daily concentration, meditation, visualization, and positive thinking exercises that enable to be calm, focused, and productive on set while keeping a positive attitude and influence with the ability to learn from each moment to improve the project and my skills.

Film/video is my passion!!! I work great with people. I have leadership experience, and know how to follow direction.

Feel free to call or message anytime to connect further.

I look forward to connecting more!

Types of Projects:

Promotional Videos
Corporate Videos
Short Films
Feature Films
Large Scale Events
Reality TV Camera Op

Camera/Gear Experience:
[[[I have direct experience operating]]]

Cinema Cameras:
Canon C100 (Primary Camera)
Canon C300
RED Scarlet (4k video)
RED Epic (5k and SLO-MO in 4k, 3k, and 2k)
RED Dragon

Canon 5D Mark iii
Canon 5D Mark ii
Canon 6D
Canon 7D Mark ii
Canon 7D Eos
Canon 60D
Canon T2i, T3i , T4i, T5i
Sony A7
Sony A7s
Sony A7Sii
Panasonic GH2
Panasonic GH4 - 4K Video
Nikon D7000
Nikon D5200

Prosumer Camcorders:
Sony FS7
Sony NEX
Sony PMW300
Sony EX3
Sony Z5U
Sony V1U
Panasonic HMC40
Canon XF series

GoPro Hero Black 3+
GoPro 4+ - 4K Video

iPhone 6s
iPhone 5s

DJI OSMO Hand Held Stabilizer 4k Camera

Ronin (Full Size)
Ronin M
Movi M15

DJI Phantom 3 (Shoots 4k Video)
DJI Phantom 2

Experience with Camera Tools:
WaveForm Monitor
False Color
IRE Values

Lighting Experience:
LEDs (Astra is Preferred Choice)
Ice Lights
Red Heds
China Lanterns
Book Light/Wedge Light

Ronin Gimbal System (advanced)
Shoulder Rigs
Steady-cam (minimal)
Track Dolly

Small HD Monitors
Atomos Sho Gun Recorder/Monitor
Atomos Ninja Recorder
Atoms Blade Recorder
Red Rock Follow Focus
Marshal Wireless Video System
Various Other Systems

Also Grip Experience.

Longterm Goal. My longterm goal is to create inspiration films and docs that inspire people to tap into their full power and to open their minds and to be there best self. Every project I work on is a step towards that goal.

I have been in the industry since 2010.