Samantha Hughes

Freelance Journalistic Photographer & Editor

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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Samantha Leigh Hughes
5162 Barnstormers Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80911
Tel: 719-649-5857

Personal Statement
I am a friendly, dedicated worker with great ambition and the determination to succeed. Although I mainly have skills in customer service, I am open and willing to learn more. I am always up to a challenge in any given situation. I work well with other people as well as working efficiently on my own. I believe if I take care of the company, then the company will take care of me; and I am dedicated to giving my very best to my employer.

Work Experience
Office Administrator (October 2013 – Present)
Hanger Clinic, Colorado Springs
I was responsible for the immediate reception of patients entering and exiting the clinic, ensuring that they were greeted professionally and kindly and that their information was entered correctly in the database for insurance verification. My duties also included scheduling, data entry, insurance verification, and customer service representation, settling disputes and ensuring patient satisfaction.

Advanced Sales Representative (June 2012 – October 2012)
Vector Marketing, Colorado Springs / South
I marketed and sold Cutco to the homeowners of the South Colorado Springs region. Beginning through personal reference and from there expanding my own business, I booked appointments by telephone and worked individually with each customer in order to sell to each one according to his specific needs.

Security Hostess (September 2010 – May 2012)
FBC Security, Crown Point, Indiana
I worked as the front desk receptionist/hostess for Hyles-Anderson College for two years, checking student IDs and signing visitors into the campus. During this time, I worked the security aspect of the job as Fire-Watch, checking the girls’ dorms for any signs of unusual or otherwise harmful activity. During these two years, I have had experience in scheduling and time management.

Cashier (September 2009 – June 2010)
Hobby Lobby, Colorado Springs / North
I was responsible for greeting the customers as they entered the store as well as totaling their purchases when they left, offering friendly customer service to make their visit more enjoyable. I was in charge of returns as well, ensuring that no fraudulent receipts or items were used, reducing the risk of theft. I also assisted in the loading / unloading of the shipments as they came, restocking the shelves, and building the aisle shelves and end caps to manage general store appearance.

High School Diploma – A Beka Academy (August 2001 – May 2010)
Pensacola, Florida
GPA: 4.0
Honors in French

General Studies – Hyles-Anderson College (September 2010 – Present)
Crown Point, Indiana
High GPA
2-yr Work Scholarship (Jericho Program)
Dean’s List (Freshman Year)

I have skills in the following areas: customer service, communication, time management, switchboard (10-30 lines), basic office skills, presentations, conducting meetings, training and development, conference room setup /cleanup, internet, mail processing, proofreading, Grammar, memos, editing, 10-key accounting, data entry, insurance verification, ICD-9, HIPAA, sales, scheduling, Microsoft Word (extensive), Microsoft Power-Point, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, foreign languages (French and ASL), home economics (housekeeping), education (secondary and elementary) landscaping (lawn care), typing (85 wpm), note-taking, music (piano, 8 yrs), finances (managing money), child care (babysitting and nursery management), and general recruitment.

• Moderator of Farthest Horizons Writer’s Guild
• Selected 1 of 18 out of 150 contestants to represent Hyles-Anderson College on a summer recruitment singing tour
• Promotion to Advanced Sales Representative first summer at Vector
• Given honors in French and Foreign Languages
• Made Dean’s List freshman year of college


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Journalistic Photography