Matthew Wilcox

Freelance Digital Artist & Sci Fi Artist

Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
2 Skills
• Graduate of Wake Technical Community College's Simulation and Game Development program, August 2013.
• Graduate of Hibriten High School, Class of 2007.
• Associates Degree in Simulation and Game Development

• Modeling and Animation, Mobile Game Development, Fundamentals 1 & 2 for SGD, Quality Assurance, Web Developer, Business for Simulation and Game Development

Job Experience:
• Internship in a computer lab for the School System.
• 5+ years as a Cashier for Golden Corral

Additional Qualifications:
• Experience with modeling programs Maya and 3Ds Max.
• Familiar with Photoshop, Sketch-Up, Game Maker, Premiere.
• Experience creating levels in multiple engines. (id Tech 4, Unreal 3, Serious Engine 1, Hammer, Skyrim Creation Kit, Unity)
• Understanding of most C-based languages including C++, C#, and Objective C as well as Java.
• Was responsible for multiple roles during the SGD curriculum's final project including:

• Designed and coded the games menu and GUI.
• Designed and coded the games primary gameplay mechanic.
• As Lead Modeler was responsible for 75 percent of the modeling.
• Designed the level layout.
• Created the documents used to develop the project including the game bible.
• Coordinated the entire project as the Team Lead.
Skills (2) Rating
Digital Art
Sci Fi Art