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KG Analytics

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Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Expert Analytics Consultant with excellent administrative and operational abilities in banking, government agencies, telecommunications, energy and other sectors. Expert developer of financial, marketing, risk, human capital and other business intelligence using data mining and predictive modeling techniques. Extensive experience in strategic, operational, and financial management of large projects by international standards, especially in government agencies, credit cards and other bank cards. Proven track record building efficient organizations from the ground up, especially decision science departments and analytics groups.

Strong business acumen with an MBA – Finance / HR Management, MS Petroleum Engineering, First-Generation SAS® Certified Professional (1999.) Over 30 years' experience as Financial, Marketing and Risk Analytics Consultant; Data Analysis Vice President; Decision Science Oversight; Director of Analytics and Regional Finance Director for Wells Fargo Bank, First National Credit Card Center, Prudential Bank & Trust Company, Wachovia Bank Card Services, CARE Canada, among others. Team leader and statistical modeler familiar with legislative and compliance issues with in-depth knowledge of financial and cost-benefit analysis, database marketing and risk analytics. Strong presentation, written and verbal communication skills. Fluent in written and spoken English, French and Russian.

Highlights of Selected Activities and Achievements

> Develop custom and generic risk models, especially for credit card, mortgage and automobile loan portfolios but also for non-prepaid risky services (mobile phone, etc.); and conduct credit scoring
* Risk scores sharply reduce credit default while enabling aggressive low-risk acquisition and expansion
> Develop and deliver seminars, and implement attrition scores for churn control, response models for target marketing and fraud scores in natural products, mobile phone, banking, financial services industries
* Response models achieve a 10-40% lift over the baseline1 with positive impact on market share
> Organized and taught the first enterprise decision-support data analysis programs (analytics) at the Faculty of Economics and Applied Management, University of Douala, Cameroon, Gulf of Guinea in 2012
* MSc I – CF4 (Accounting/Finance 4th year) & DESS – MCV (Professional MSc II: Marketing/Sales, 5th year)
> Successfully organized originations scorecard and strategy oversight activities at Wells Fargo Auto Finance (WFAF), Chester, PA (near Philadelphia), USA, a newly acquired $30 billion automobile loan portfolio
* Cleared past-due validations and achieved compliance with company policies and OCC2 regulations
> Built from scratch an analytics team of 5-6 staff for First National Bank of Omaha's credit card portfolio
* Provided analytic support to Atlanta portfolio that grew from $70 to close to $800 million in 6 years
> Developed scorecards for target marketing, fraud, risk acquisition and account management programs
* Response scores averaged $100,000 in cost savings/campaign and a lift benefit of $1 million/vintage
> Facilitated the sale of Prudential credit card portfolio with a 20% ($200 million) premium
* Improved portfolio quality generated $3 million in additional revenue cross-selling to policy holders
> Conducted Wachovia Bank Card charge-off sale portfolio valuations with instant additional revenue
> Reduced sample sizes for TRIAD collection strategies at Wachovia Bank using statistical sample design
* Allowed for multiple challengers, saving six months on unsuccessful attempts to beat the champion
> Successfully applied nationwide psycho-demographic clusters in direct marketing initiatives
* Built an Invitation-To-Apply (ITA) response model for client relationships that achieved a great lift
* Hypothesis testing proved the model to be superior to Experian's VeriScore 17 times out of 20
* Mapped client segments to revenue & risk profiles for safe acquisition from market opportunities
> Using a psycho-demographic segmentation system for Canada, designed a framework for targeting and successfully attracting a large number of new high-yield cardholders for the Bank of Nova Scotia
* Estimated approach to add 5,000 new high-yield cardholders with balance in excess of $50 million

Selected Professional Affiliations

> American Statistical Association – Member
> SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC – SAS Certified Professional V6, First Generation – April 1999 Exam

Computer Knowledge and Analytic Tools

> Operating Systems: Windows 8, 7, XP; CentOS 6.3/Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Linux), UNIX
> Data Storage and Data Access
* Microsoft® SQL Server 2005-2008; Oracle Database 11g, DB2; SAS/ACCESS® to Relational Databases (DB2, HP Neoview, Informix, SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, …), etc.
> Programming, Modeling, Segmentation
* Pascal; R Language (R-2.15.0); SAS® 6.2, 8.2, 9.2-9.3, SAS/STAT®, SAS/IntrNet®, Enterprise Miner®, SAS Enterprise Guide; STATISTICA; Xeno®; KnowledgeSTUDIO®; Minitab®, Model Builder®; VisualStat®
> Web Design and Content Management Systems (CMS)
* CSS-HTML; Adobe Dreamweaver CS5-6, MS Expression Web 2-3; PHP/MySQL; Drupal 7.22/EasyPHP-12.1
> Office/Graphics: Microsoft Office 2007-2013, WordPerfect Office X5, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4-X5
> Report: Base SAS (Report-Writing Through Programming), ODS (HTML Output, …), SAS Enterprise Guide

Education and Training

> Master of Business Administration, MBA – June 1990 – April 1991
University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada
* Major: Finance
* Minor: Human Resource Management
> Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering, MS (with Honors)
Gupkin Russian Oil and Gas University, Moscow, Russia – September 1976 – June 1981
Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan – September 1975 – June 1976
* Major: Reservoir Engineering
* Minor: Petroleum Production Engineering
> SAS® Certified Professional V6 (First Generation) – April 1999 Exam
SAS Institute Inc, Cary, North Carolina, USA
> Selected Seminars, Classes and Courses
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury Department, Washington, DC – February 2 – 3, 2006
* Validation of Credit Rating and Scoring Models
Fair, Isaac Corporation, San Francisco, CA, USA – August 11 – 15, 2003
* Strategic Science Immersion Training
Austin Logistic, Austin, TX, USA – October 2001
* Building Better Scorecards: Concepts and Techniques in Scorecard Development
SAS Institute Inc, Atlanta/Rockville/New York – February – May 1999, July 2000, October 2002, March 2003
* Attended 12 instructor-led training programs

Work History

> Senior Analytics Consultant – December 2009 – Present
Bikila Analytics Ltd, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Limbe, Cameroon (Gulf of Guinea)
* Developed a comprehensive approach to sharply increasing market share of a mobile phone corporation, especially by improving client acquisition for risky services (non-prepaid plans)
+ The approach consisted of revenue profiling, which precisely indentified VIP clients: top (best) 30% contributed to approximately 80% revenue
+ Analysis and the development of an attrition score achieved best customer retention
+ Psycho-demographic and socio-economic parameters for VIP clients enabled closely-targeted (and aggressive) new business acquisitions of highly profitable low-risk prospects
* Designed custom and generic risk models and conducted credit scoring for a mortgage corporation
+ The (nationwide) generic scorecard was developed over an 18-month performance window on historic data from the Central Risk Repository, a privately managed industry organization
+ The custom risk score used 6-month performance data and attributes specific to the bank
+ Joint-odds analysis leveraged both scores to reduce false positives and false negatives
* Introduced analytics to the Department of Public Works by reorganizing the Enterprise Repository. The project created two distinct functions: data warehousing and database decision support (analytics)
+ Developed and streamlined road-related databases and traffic studies
Sharply improved productivity and decision-making through process automation
* Created and delivered analytics training and professional integration seminars for professionals and graduates of multidisciplinary university programs, including the MS in Statistics
Developed topnotch solicitation lists in Canada and the US and response models for Maiga Group, a Toronto-based natural products company with a high quality handmade Shea Butter product line
+ The program slashed marketing costs by 40% while doubling new account acquisition volumes
+ Periodic scoring, campaign tracking, recommendations, model validation and recalibration

> Decision Science Oversight, Sr. Risk Management Consultant – September 2006 – December 2009
Wells Fargo Bank, Scoring, Modeling and Analytics Department, Des Moines, IA and Chester, PA, USA
* Oversaw for the home office the development and validation of new-account originations' scorecards and implementation strategies for a $30 billion automobile loan portfolio in the US and Canada
* One modeling group of 6-8 staff did scorecard design, segmentation, development and validation, including Basel II Modeling
* Two strategy groups totaling 10-12 staff conducted product and strategy development/validation
* Conducted policy analysis and achieved compliance to corporate policies and OCC4 requirements
* Fostered structural and personnel changes to reorganize a decision science department of 50-60 staff
* Developed multiple reinstatement risk scorecards and validated off-period for underwriting strategies

> Head of the Analytics Group – October 2000 – July 2006
First National Credit Card Center/InfiCorp Holdings Inc., Analytics and Risk Department, Atlanta, GA, USA
* Developed corporate policies & procedures; achieved compliance to model-risk OCC Bulletin 2000-165
* Helped grow the Atlanta credit card portfolio from $70 to close to $800 million in less than 6 years
* Developed data-driven marketing and risk strategies for a $5 billion credit card portfolio
* Built an analytics group of 5-6 staff, hired, trained and mentored statisticians and SAS® programmers
* Developed and implemented response, attrition, fraud, risk and profit scoring solutions, including
* Basel II modeling and fraud detection/prevention model development from transaction data sets
* Managed multidisciplinary in-house and consulting database marketing and credit scoring ventures
* Assessed and influenced impact of scoring solutions on customer relationship management (CRM)
* Interfaced with SAS® and Microsoft SQL Server data warehouses under Windows XP
* Environment: FDR credit card transaction and Adaptive Control account management systems

> Vice President, Data Analysis – November 1999 – October 2000
Prudential Bank & Trust Company, Database Marketing & Market Research Department, Atlanta, GA, USA
* Improved and got sold a $1 billion credit card portfolio with a $200 million/20% premium in 8 months
* Oversaw data analysis for the credit card portfolio and across all other products
* Analyzed customer acquisition campaigns and attrition, and designed samples for customer surveys
* Interfaced with SAS®, Oracle®, DB2® and TSYS® data warehouses under UNIX and mainframe platforms
* Products included cards, home equity loans, investor lending, deposits and trust products

> Sr. MIS Analyst – September 1998 – November 1999
Wachovia Bank Card Services, Loss Control Operations (Risk Management), Atlanta, GA, USA
* Conducted sale portfolio valuations and cost/benefit analysis for an $8 billion credit card portfolio
* Forecasted delinquencies and loan losses using smoothing techniques in cooperation with Operations
* Reduced turnaround time by 6 months for TRIAD champion-challenger collection strategy development
* Interfaced with SAS® and DB2® data warehouses under Windows NT and mainframe platforms

> Financial Consultant and Manager – 1996 – 1998
Sure Graphics, Ltd/Sure Nanaimo Printing, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
* Forecasted sales, conducted financial and business planning and developed pricing models
* Analyzed demographic data for new store locations and operating performance and profitability

> Regional Financial Director and CFO – 1995 – 1996
CARE Canada/CARE International, Burundi and Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), East Africa
* Coordinated financial activities for the main and three branch offices with 35+ staff
* Analyzed and managed ten contracts valued at $20 million, compiled and produced cost reports
* Managed a computerized accounting operation, forecasted cash flow and treasury allocations
* Reviewed foreign exchange transactions and bank reconciliation reports involving four currencies

> Research Assistant, Cash & Working Capital Management – 1990 – 1995
Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada
* Partnered with banks and other companies to assess optimization models and impact of regulations
* Developed mathematical models on the demand for optimal bank balances by large companies
* Studied the impact of new banking regulations on the management of settlement balances by banks

> Project Engineer, Energy Planning & Petroleum Engineer – 1981 – 1989
Department of Energy & Department of Mines & Geology, Yaounde, Cameroon, Central Africa
* Coordinated the hydrocarbons sector and supervised two nationwide surveys on energy consumption
* Managed project human resources in excess of 20 employees
* Oversaw royalty accounting and prepared production statistics & forecasts

Selected Special Skills, Courses and Seminars

SAS Institute Inc, Atlanta/Rockville/New York – February – May 1999, July 2000, October 2002, March 2003
* Predictive Modeling Using Logistic Regression
* Scorecard Development and Implementation
* SAS® Fundamentals: A Programming Approach
* SAS® Programming
* Making Business Decisions Using ANOVA and Regression Techniques
* SQL Processing with the SAS® System
* Processing Database and Spreadsheet Data with SAS/ACCESS® Software
* SAS® Macro Language
* Advanced SAS® Programming Techniques and Efficiencies
* SAS® Report Writing: A Programming Approach
* Client/Server Strategies Using the SAS® System

McGill and Concordia University/University of Quebec, Montreal, QC, Canada – 1990 – 1991 & 1993 – 1994
* Investment Theory and Portfolio Management
* Financial Theory and Corporate Policy (Corporate Finance)
* Financial Management (several courses)
* Managerial Statistics: Data Analysis and Modeling
* Mathematical Statistics I and II
* Sampling Theory and Applications
* Stochastic Processes (Markov Chains and more)

International Petroleum Consulting Services Inc., Washington, DC, USA – April – September 1984
* USA AID-Financed Energy Training Seminar sponsored by the Institute for International Development

Pecten International Oil Company Inc., Houston, Texas, USA – September – October 1984
* Southern Cameroon Oil Field Reserves Estimates (Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Engineering)