Gabriel Rizzo

Freelance Event Photographer & Wedding Photographer

Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
2 Skills
Gabriel Rizzo is a live event photographer in the Boston and Cambridge areas
who specializes in dance, concert, film and theater productions, commercial, casual weddings, and public events. In addition he does modeling, portrait, travel, nature, and still life.
As an Emerson College graduate with a film degree, he constantly seeks to capture something unique and extraordinary.

Previous clients include KAIROS Dance Theater, ManRay Nightclub Reunion, ANIKAI Dance Group, Heart & Dagger Productions, Danza Organica, Mei Ohara, Videodrome Discotheque, Chez Henri, Don Ricardo Restaurant, Imbibe Catering, Maven Productions, and local music scene.

All models and artists must submit a release form for commercial/non-commercial use.

Also on Instagram, Behance, Twitpic, and Flickr.