Freelance Artist & Portrait Artist

Location:South Hadley, Massachusetts, United States
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Mount Holyoke College - [Bachelor of Arts]
• [Major: Studio Art]
• [Minor: Art History]
• [Other course work: anthropology, astronomy, physics]

Brown University - [Anthropology Course] [2012]

Columbia University - [Master Writing Course] [2009]

Columbia University - [Intro Writing Course] [2008]

Island School – [International Baccalaureate Diploma] [2010]

International Baccalaureate Award in Technology & Design [2009]

International Baccalaureate Award in Higher Level Music [2009]

Island School Writing Award in Fiction [2006]

• Educated in a variety of writing styles, having written book reviews, show reviews, art criticism, promotional/PR material, fashion spread accompaniment, magazine arts section, with independent studies in astronomy/gender studies, award winning fiction, poetry and academic papers.
• Worked as a commercial illustrator of food, lifestyle, beauty/cosmetics, fashion, travel, film, charity, promotional events and social justice. Collaborated with clients/art directors to produce brand aesthetics, seasonal illustrations and logos.
• Academic Illustrator for Mount Holyoke Art History – creating large-scale illustrations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses for use on walls.
[Public Relations/Marketing]
• Very experienced in representing companies and individual artists, both in person as a brand ambassador and writer.
• Very experienced at managing brand information.
• Academic PR, appointed Studio Art Liaison for Mount Holyoke College.
• Very experienced in teaching (ages 4 to 16) large classes, teaching art history, illustration, painting, drawing, portraiture, sculpture, English, communications, etiquette, singing, dance, public speaking and marketing.
• Very experienced as a private tutor, teaching portraiture, figurative drawing, still life drawing, English literature, western music history, IB/GCSE English.
• Very experienced entertainer, having worked as a magician.
• Very experienced as part of classical choirs, performing in Hong Kong City Hall
• Also experience in stand up comedy, juggling and as a Disney Princess.

[Art Critic/Journalist]
[Fresh Magazine]
• Critiqued a variety of pieces, namely paintings.
• Wrote articles on the modern and art-historical context of contemporary art.
• Collaborated with galleries in Hong Kong and Amsterdam.
[Contributing Writer]
[Fresh Magazine]
• Researched featured brands/sponsors
• Wrote a variety of pieces on their products and style
• Collaborated with the editor in chief/art director on photo-shoots featuring the brands involved

[Art Correspondent]
[The Flaneur]
• Covered Art Basel 2013 in Hong Kong, interviewed artists and gallery owners

[Book Reviewer]
[The Flaneur]
• Wrote book reviews of recent publications for a lifestyle company

• Produced illustrations for lifestyle company and their blog including film, travel, cosmetics, charity, art and logo design

[Kids Gallery]
• Worked full time teaching classes of children painting, illustration, cooking, drawing, portraiture, sculpture, English, communications, etiquette, singing, dance, public speaking and marketing

[Private Tutor]
[Various clients]
• Traveled to client’s homes and taught their children in two hour sessions. Taught still life drawing, portraiture, pencil drawing, figure drawing, painting, English, western music history, poetry analysis.

[Art Correspondent]
[World Artist Network]
• Interviewed artists and their representatives and wrote articles based about their work and the Hong Kong Art Fair.

[Arabella’s Party]
• Organized and performed magic shows and had various administrative duties. Trained new employees.
• Also character shows as Disney Princesses (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin & Jasmine, Little Mermaid ect.)

[Catchon Marketing Communications]
• Featured in Mission Hills ad campaign, and Asia Spa advertisement. Shot on location in both Hong Kong and China PRC.

[Talent & Mentor]
[Supertronic Models/Hell Models]
• Representing casting/shooting/walking for Lilaneh Couture, Calvin Klein, Naoko Tsuruta, Fashion TV, Louis Vutton, Kanchan Couture, Hong Kong Fashion Week and many others.
• Mentored incoming talent on time and portfolio management, as well as collaboration with different marketing teams.

[Katja House Orphanage, Kathmandu]
• Managed the landscaping and renovation of an orphanage and surrounding garden.

[Bai Wan Charity]
• Taught English to children aged five to sixteen in Bai Wan, China.

[Spotlight Promotion and Marketing]
• Model for live events such as product launches, promoting company image. Clients included Deutche Bank, HSBC, Hotel Sheraton and The W Hotel.
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