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Ty Bless

Freelance Music Producer & Songwriter

Location:Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
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TyBless is a producer, a recording artist, writer and also your occasional Hype-man. He has been in the music business for more than 10 years. He has extensive knowledge of the music business and first-rate skills in dealing with people. He is completely reliable and enthusiastic in performing whatever he does. Raised in Spanish Harlem, TyBless still lives in the NYC Metro area. TyBless has recently been honored with the first annual World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) Award for Best Hip-Hop video, and he has been asked to join the WMIFF judging panel for 2012. Ty represents his own movement & genre, ClubHop™, due to the fact that he's been known to be too raw for dance music and not 'gangsta' enough for some hard core Hip-Hop gate keepers, despite the fact that he can rhyme with as much or more intensity as the next rap artist. Feeling like an outcast he came up with CLUB-HOP, and voila, a new movement was born! TyBless’ professional career outside of independent music includes countless tv and movie appearances, including Diary of a Tired Black Man (2009). During this journey he also had a constant presence on K7's New York's HOT 97 and 103.5's WKTU radio Stations in New York and New Jersey as they did the overnight 12am to 6am shifts, gaining his broadcasting experience (1997 - 2007). Ty has also been featured in a commercial for Footlocker and Toyota (2008). The passion he has acquired has turned into a career for TyBless. Ty’s goals are to entertain the world with his music, & to get involved in more movies. He has a unique sound which is easily recognized but still pushes the envelope while presenting substantial crossover ability and something for every listener. With an undeniable blend of material, image, performance and commercial marketability, TyBless is truly unstoppable!
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