Abrar-Ur-Rehman Khan

Freelance Journalistic Videographer & Television Producer

Location:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
2 Skills
To work for an organization that appreciates creative and hard work where I can impart the best of my potential and achieve the organization goals Outdoor Coverage:
The details about my outdoor coverage are,
Cover 12 May events from different spots.
Cover 18 October ex-Prime Minister Arrival to Karachi.
Cover various times Larkana for Ex Prime Minister death anniversaries.
Cover Ziarat, after Earth Quake situation.
Cover Long March from Karachi to Sukkar.
Cover 9 April, City Court Violence.
Cover Ashoora and Chelum Blast, 2009.
Cover flood situation in sindh region.
Cover CID Blast 2010.
Cover Air Crash at C.O.D and Dalmiya.
Cover various events in city in poor condition of law and order.

Indoor Coverage:
The details about my indoor coverage are,
Cover various shifts of News at 9.
Cover Business Program Opening and Closing Bell.
Cover morning show Salam Pakistan.
Cover Bar Waqt.
Cover Talking Heads.
Cover News Desk.
Cover Week End Masala.
Cover Waqt Kay Sath.
Cover Awami Express
Cover Zabar 10