Costanza Fusco

Freelance Sci Fi Artist & Fiction Writer

Location:Vercelli, Piemonte, Italy
2 Skills
I have been rendering my environment on paper as i interpret it, be it of the external world or of the internal, since I was of the capacity to pick up a pencil. As a child and adolescent I spent the majority of my waking hours observing nature and its design in close detail, using what I discovered in its structure to create and refine my own alternate universe. It has been a constant in my life that, rather than fade with the passing of my childish youth, only expands in its complexity. I consider it to be my greatest gift for igniting my curiosity not only for what is fantasy but also for what is real, and through my desire to put it into tangible form I was able to teach myself the utilization of many mediums varying from oil paints, watercolor, guache, mixed media, and even your average ball point pen, whenever in arm's reach. With time and much experimentation I reached an understanding of the mechanics and form of almost any organic object, thereafter finding myself able to draw or paint practically any living thing from memory.
I will forever be a work in progress, delving into ever-changing methods, taking on new perspectives and challenging my bounderies. I have also used my skill not only in producing paintings but in sculpture, costume design and production, t-shirt painting, poster illustration and in writing and illustrating a few graphic short stories and comics.
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Sci Fi Art
Fiction Writing